The Earthly Tutor…And The Cosmic Coach

If Earthly Mother becomes the first teacher for a child, she turns an ideal one when she leads her child towards the Ultimate One, The Ultimate Lord. Bharatiya Cculture is replete with stories of such ideal mothers, who, with their powerful character, could guide their children to greater ‘Divine’ destiny. How many of us in the modern world dare to look back with awe-inspiring gratitude towards our physical mothers, for the world of good she has brought upon us, by being the an able instrument in connecting each one of us to the Supreme Source. Here is an inspiring tale of acknowledgment from a grateful daughter, who, dares to look into Swami’s Lotus Eyes and repeat, ‘She taught me to value You…eternally grateful am I…that You sent my soul to her womb and through her…I returned to You! Then, there was no looking back. I watched her keenly…and I chose to follow You wholeheartedly.’ …Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes about her twin mothers of influence,  physical and Cosmic, with a heart full of gratitude on the occasion of International ‘Sai’ Ladies’ Day.

Shakti represents the feminine principle…and Beloved Bhagawan has chosen to set aside this day – 19th November to honour and celebrate this vital facet that is the very cause and support of the cosmos. Without Shakti there is no creation…it is through Her the unmanifest manifests Itself. She symbolizes the Primordial Life Force Energy, represents the Supreme Divine Force and personifies Timeless Vitality…and Her empowering aspect is the subtle core of every woman…whether dormant or active.

Can any mortal…grasp the immeasurable magnitude of Her attributes…? Uncountable, unaccountable and infinitely fathomless! The limitless Universe is a microscopic speck before Her vast might and spectacular effulgence.

Accordingly, the female entity in the human world embodies Shakti, Jnana and Prachurta…Power, Wisdom and Abundance…the correct emphasis, expression and affirmation of which decides her distinct moral fiber, diverse persona and nobility…shaping her fate as well as the fate of all those around her.  A woman plays innumerable roles. It is her presence…her love, understanding and equity that transforms a house into a home.

As a wife she can be the strength, fulcrum, confidante and lifelong companion of her spouse…as a sister – a buddy, ally and a comrade. However as a mother, her traits are her trademark, her character can shape the personality of her children…impacting their blossoming into fine human beings…guiding them with precise insight towards their purpose on earth…in fulfillment of the reason for their birth.
If we value women less…the society will become valueless.

With Beloved Bhagawan’s blessings, a cascade of these sentiments from my heart today is dedicated not only to the amazing mother who gave birth to me…but, these feelings lovingly salute my Eternal Mother too – Mother Sai!
A miniature wave is attempting to embrace the Ocean!

Beloved Bhagawan…through these lines that flow below, I am attempting to appreciate the incomparable Presence in my life of two precious feminine personalities: My earthly mother whom I call – Ma…and my Divine Mother – Sai Maa!

She taught me values,
She taught me to value values…
…through the way she lives her life…
She sets an example by being one…
…One with You…
She never puts anyone on a pedestal…
…nor do i…
…except You…

I learnt to be fearless…for she urged me on to embrace independence. From her I learnt never to shy away from hard work…and meet obstacles courageously with faith in the Highest Being – You. She is the steadfast instrument that steered me towards You.

She never went to college but she is free from labels, classifications and categories.
She doesn’t have a degree…nevertheless…she has You in every cell of her being.
She has no educational qualification, however, she has this great vast love in her soul and room in her heart…and this, along with her matchless sense of commitment, has given her adequate strength to be the strength of her family. Her life is an inspiration…her life is You…her life gave me inspiration…her life drew me to You. She gave me life…and then she gave me You…through her life she gave me You.
She gave me life that’s true…but she made me come alive when she led me to You!

Watching her live her life is a stirring revelation…for she, every moment of the day as well as the wee hours of the night, silently revels in You. Naamasmarana is her life-breath. Till she could sing…she would melodiously serenade You…now her heart space resounds with devotional hymns… akin to a sacred avenue. The depth of her earnest devotion leaves me in awe like nothing else.  The only other thing that does tremendously awe me is You…and she escorted me to You. She did what all mothers should do…she showed me the path to You…she led me to You. She taught me to value You…eternally grateful am I…that You sent my soul to her womb and through her…I returned to You!

She taught me to value You…eternally grateful am I…that You sent my soul to her womb and through her…I returned to You! Then, there was no looking back. I watched her keenly…and I chose to follow You wholeheartedly.

Beloved Mother Sai, You guide me constantly as I journey through life…You are my Cosmic Coach, monitoring and refining my self confidence, self esteem, self control, duty, discipline, discrimination, determination…in my vulnerable moments You manoeuvre me away from downbeat emotions like self pity…oh, so gradually, noticeably Your influence encircles my entire existence.

Through lifetimes You have beckoned me, thus, Your Presence has always been an everlasting legacy and my breath – Your Will.

In the classroom of the Universe I became Your forever student…an eager participant in the everyday learning game. Deeply do I cherish every lesson…the sweet, the not-so-sweet, the bitter; the smooth turf…the uphill, the oft times innumerable browbeating gradient; the inconveniences, the comforts, the sighs of exasperation; the joys and the dismays; the clear skies and the stormy whys; You reveal Yourself in every situation making me understand I must take everything in my stride and strive on for every bit is essential for me to pass from one grade to another…while aspiring for the summit.

All that I have imbibed and am as yet absorbing from You…the entire route of the coaching course…has a – ‘work in progress’ board…it is not a short term diploma class…but a daily moment-to-moment occurrence…and the sole method is reflecting on Your Life…Your Words…the depth in Your Message…the communication and the response created within.

I am learning how not to be subservient and excessively meek while practicing the virtue of humility and so too, to cultivate the habit of seeking You incessantly in all that is in view and is reviewed. Just as one should be detached, dispassionate and unaffected…the attitude of gratitude and forgiveness along with the feeling of amity augments harmony. You, Beloved Mother Sai, are showing me all this and more -how to sing my own song…etch, connect, intercept …between the vexed and the crest…carve my own quest…to tune, tone and balance things as life swings between the pendulum of kismet.
So patient You are with me…for I confess, I am not the best of pupils!

You introduced me to relentless introspection, pause and patience and one of the things I realize is that a watched pot eventually boils…and so I must watch my thoughts, words and deeds persistently…and that, I must be careful how I tread for the fruit of a wonderful tomorrow lies in the seed I sow today. As I try to search for an answer to – ‘who am I?’ …the ‘what and why am I?’… is also essential. Then again, the mind is being schooled that things may seem difficult but I must try, try, try…persistence overcomes the word impossible. Since everything is known to You – all that everyone goes through…I must do my best and step back…let go and let God…with Your grace at the right time all will fall into place if and when it has to…eventually. There is no end to knowledge and learning never ends. One can never say – so long… moreover there are countless slips and many a fall…and so the learning process is as yet on.

Most of all, Dearest Mother, You tenderly made me aware that all beings have feelings and gifted me the ability to be aware of You in all creatures both great and small…and quite significantly added a wondrous dimension to Love All, Serve All…Help Ever, Hurt Never…beyond the human realm to include mineral, plant and animal worlds too. Beyond the – I, me and mine…everything…every atom is Thine.  Care, concern, respect and belief for and in all life around me is belief in You…for Your Essence is being beamed through all beings around me. You revealed, introduced and birthed me to the ever widening expanse of Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu.

May I always remain in Your shimmering sphere, Mother Sai…acknowledging that – willingness to reach out to all is a task and duty I owe You…and devotion to duty is true devotion to You. All that I am and ever will be may I submit at Your Lotus Feet entirely…with adoration replete in every heartbeat.

Today, I celebrate my sweet Ma and You, Beloved Mother Sai! I lovingly offer obeisance to You…and to my Ma too, my earthly tutor…for she influenced my destiny gloriously…when she gave me – my Cosmic Coach…when she gave me You! Your love, Sai Maa and Ma, is endless…and You both are my endless love. My life makes sense only because of both of You…hence, I truly, quite consciously and unwaveringly bask in Your Fragrance and cherish Your Presence every second, each day through!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II