Your Abundant Magnanimity…

A devout plea, prayer, with a heart with surrender is what one ought to offer to Him… The One without a second… our Beloved Bhagawan. Every moment, every vista, every scene… everything should seek Him, His darshan… that life has nothing bigger, better to seek thatn His Abundant Magnanimity, writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. As we are continuing to bask in the glory of His Advent Supreme, let’s rededicate ourselves at Him, seeking this priceless Abundant Magnanimity.

Can anything have more value than You…?
Can we cherish anyone above You…?
Can the self, desire anything other than You…?
You forever…Forever You…

Oh Lord! Beloved Bhagawan,
Bless us with Thy abundant magnanimity,
Come, Oh! Precious Lord,
Come and set us free,
Thy Grace, Thy Grace,
Thy radiantly munificent Grace,
Even as we face,
Every moment, every vista, every scene,
The routine as well as the unforeseen,
Thy charisma, Thy benevolence,
We do seek,
Help us remove self-created barricades in between,
Enable us to touch upon that which is divine,
Help us to walk hand in hand with time,
Befriend the pristine,
Whatever be the clime…

Accept this wholesome request,
In our life,
We implore Thee,
To intervene, intervene, intervene,
That we may so our thoughts and personality preen,
So as to attract Thy sacrosanct Presence ever so serene…

Oh! Lord, our most supremely Beloved One,
Other than You, Saviour there is none,
It is You Who gives brilliance to the Sun,
It is You Whom we value,
It is You Whom we cherish,
It is You Whom we desire…
You Forever…Forever You…
Save us from mire and sin,
Save us from this dance upon the Karmic Trampoline,
May Thy radiantly munificent grace,
Be felt, experienced and seen…
Come, come and set us free…
We seek Thy Abundant Magnanimity.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II