Woman – The Pillar Of A Value Based Society

As a precursor to the celebration of the Sacred Day of Advent, in honour of and to recognise the contribution of women, Beloved Mother Sai declared 19th November to be respectfully and joyfully observed as Ladies Day. The above lines are a tribute to all feminine beings in creation…winged, finned, four and two legged. May they know in some unique way that their presence and essence is being appreciated and applauded. A reflective article by Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

Made in the image of Shakti,
So empowered instinctively and energised dynamically,
To fulfil her supreme purpose -
To establish and sustain all around harmony…
Born to remove any and every kind of woe,
Woman is a symbol of all things human…
…personifying Grace and Quality -
Woman is the true pillar of a value based society!

Women are the makers of the home, the nation and the world. – Baba

Creation and Creativity.  Man and Woman are so created to complement each other. In alignment, each has their function to perform and while doing so rhythmically, in resonance with the Divine Plan, together they form a whole. To build something one needs a sturdy foundation. Then on, to support any structure one requires powerful pillars.
That foundation…that support…that power of creation and creativity has been bestowed upon every woman! She embodies infinity, she characterises eternal qualities and exuding all this positively, she quite compellingly impacts eternity.

There is nothing in this world that women cannot achieve. – Baba

A society is made up of innumerable individuals, families, people from different walks of life…an intermingling of colours and flavours…strata and status…faiths, views, beliefs, cultures and economics ever so diverse. Doesn’t it all need a binding thread? And much more significantly, don’t these individuals have their origin in the womb of a woman?
Ethics is what makes a society thrive…and a woman of quality who believes in equality has it in her to uphold and make these ethics come alive.

Only if the women come up in society, the whole world will turn sacred. – Baba

A woman is born to play myriad roles: a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife…integrating acts which continue on even after marriage while cementing new associations…and even as she plays out these roles she constantly exudes the highest undertaking – that of a Mother. Whether she goes on to have a child or not, every woman is a born mother, her mission intrinsically is that of a mother…a tender caregiver. She is blessed with many hidden facets along with a natural flair for compassion, care, concern, nursing, making amends, giving, forgiving, bringing together, blending, and harmonizing. She simply needs to be mindful, centred and receptive and tune in as she experiences this adventurous expedition called – Life.

As a daughter she puts her parents on a pedestal, reveres them, yet, gives gentle guidance whenever necessary. As a sister, friend, colleague, teacher she will not hesitate to step in, once again channelizing righteousness.
However, what about her role as a Mother?

Upon the female of any species, whether amongst the animal, winged and aquatic or humankind, lies the singular onus of rearing the newly born. Most often, especially in all other species, she patiently rears the young ones all on her own – protecting, nourishing, nurturing, freeing. Freeing subtly, gently, firmly refers to demonstrating, drilling, inculcating ‘Life Skills’.
In the animal kingdom, in their natural wild habitat, these skills take on a different meaning altogether from what it denotes in the more complex kingdom of man.
Deep is the innate responsibility of the woman, of the human mother, to inculcate moral codes, basic principles and behavioural conducts. Children are not only the future citizens of the globe, but they are the inheritors of all the natural resources, the vast mineral wealth, the magnificent hills and lush plains, the grand glaciers, refreshing rivers and gushing streams, the surging seas and mysterious oceans, the dense forests, the exotic flora and wondrous fauna…and as such they grow up to become the custodians of all the abundance, the keepers of Mother Earth.

Intuitively keeping in focus this salient truth, women as mothers, aunts, grandmothers not only do all they can to promote the physical wellbeing of their children but they foster the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual progress too, equipping them with ethics that will regulate the flow of their conscience, consciousness and overall growth.

Women embody the aspect of Mother Nature and the ancient sages found solutions to problems in life by recognising this truth. – Baba

Woman and Poise. When there is accord between the heart and the mind there is an inner harmony. The world is raging with unrest for the poise within is lost. Desires and greed are drawing, dragging, and clasping humans and humanity into the dark fathomless maelstrom of no return. It is imperative that a balance be restored and a vital equilibrium maintained. The world needs beautiful minds. The inherent feminine qualities need to come to the rescue. Outer beauty is of no worth if not accompanied by a beautiful mind ensuring not only positive thoughts, words and deeds but a synchronicity between them.

Women are the heirs of our ancient culture. Culture means refinement.
Women are the torch-bearers of refinement and they are toiling for the emancipation of the nation.  – Baba

Woman and Love. Temperatures are soaring, rivers are going dry leaving the soil ever so arid…for there is no love left in the human heart.  Women are naturally conditioned to love unconditionally for that is their inborn motherly instinct. They excel at it. As mothers, they are the first guru, guide and teacher of their children assisting them to consciously be aware, beware of unfavourable influences, trust the inner voice and evolve. This process of learning all things wise and wonderful, of loving and being exposed to the human values of Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanti, Ahimsa…of loving selflessly begins in the womb itself.

Women have satvaguna in ample measure. They are by nature helpful, tender, compassionate, humble and trustful. – Baba

Woman and Values. Essentially a woman is a reservoir of goodness. She is the backbone of her family…and she quite logically extends this ‘family’ kindred sentiment to not only include in a micro way the society she lives in…but goes on to, in a macro way, extend her ‘TLC’, her know and knowledge, her tending abilities to envelope the vaster global civilization…in a true spirit of oneness. In her was placed the womb…a foundation for the human race…in likeness to the Cosmic Womb – the genesis of creation.

The womb of mother symbolizes mother earth. – Baba

The Feminine Soul is eternally grateful for having being chosen for this role of bringing forth individuals of steadfast substance exuding the essential essence of ethics that forms the basis for a principled progress as well as a peaceful coexistence. A woman who understands the depth of this privilege puts her heart to her task sincerely, while passionately wooing the values and safeguarding a lifelong alliance with them.  Per se, reverentially, she knows herself to be profoundly linked to all in the feminine sphere, the echelons in the ‘Motherly Hierarchy’…Divine Mother of the Universe, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mothers of varied species…wherein the focal point, the spotlight is always away from the self and focussed towards the cultivation of selfless attributes, enhancing patience, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional giving…sustaining it all and wholesomely surviving.
In the human species this feminine aspect is called – Woman. And, in her has been placed the courage, capacity, capability and competence to value all life, to value living, to value values, to value ethical progress ultimately advancing towards a higher way of thinking, existing and being.

Primarily, pre-eminently, quite vitally a woman values being a woman! Thus, a woman having found her own place of value under the Sun is untiringly committed to relentlessly be the pillar of a value based society.
That is how the Universe blessed her to be.

Dharma can be made to occupy its position in society and restored to its pristine glory only by women. – Baba

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II