No War, Know Peace… Know War, No Peace…

Humanity, now at the crossroads, should ‘Know Peace’ while decrying a firm “No” to war…writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri advocating an expansive ‘God-ward’ living shunning away all the negatives, all that are not desirable… Read on…

…a voice in my dream,
…a sound so clear,
…an earnest whisper in my ear…
No war – know peace; 
Know war – no peace;
No falsehood – know truth,

No greed – know contentment; 
No division – know equality;
No hunger, no thirst – know appeasement; 
No criticism – know appreciation;
No tears – know laughter; 
No grabbing – know giving;
No shallowness – know sincerity; 
No chains – know freedom; 
No walls – know space; 
No boundaries – know unity;
No hatred – know love; 
No bloodshed – know brotherhood;
No cruelty – know humanity;
No apathy – know compassion,
No fragments – know fraternity, 
No more war – know more peace…
…that voice in my dream,
That vision of a new dawn,
Was an echo from the heart of Mother Earth that I had stumbled upon…

Let us hold the hand of Mother Sai, 
Even as the Beloved One beckons us to do,
There is so much that awaits,
Me and you,
And together, 
Let us walk into ‘that’ dawn,
That Earth, 
Would like us to chance upon,
Let us travel that oft recommended route,
That will usher in the much awaited era of,
Righteousness, Non Violence, Love, Peace and Truth…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II