O! Sai Maa…O! Mother Sai…

When He Is identified as the Aadhar, every moment, every new attempt and every thing that is New becomes a gift from Him and thus our infinite affiliation to Beloved Mother Sai. Welcoming The New, Year 2020, as we move on, let’s pray to our Beloved Bhagawan to find His Divine FootStep as a blessed duet in every single moment of our lives. A poetic offering from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. 

O! Sai Maa…O! Mother Sai,
Kindly do accept our earnest aspirations,
In each moment of 2020,
May we seek and find only You,
Towards You alone does surge and flow,
Each desire, passion and yearning,
This is what we long for every moment,
In 2020 and the new decade through…
…all we want is You!
Each stride that we take,
May we hear the gentle sound of Your sacred footstep,
A blessed duet,
May we find You forever close by,
O! Sweet Mother Sai,
May we bask in Your Presence,
O! Friend, Guide And Companion,
With Your Nearness do us so bless,
May we then exultantly express,
A Festival of Divine Bliss nothing less,
In every venture, in all that we pursue,
We may find ourselves face-to-face with You,
In each breath that we breathe…
…may we receive with Your Sublime Courtesy…
…the delightful fragrance of Your Cherished Memories…
O! Sai Maa,
In 2020 and the New Decade through…
…all we want is You, You…and only You…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II