“God Is The Only Real Friend”

Can fleeting connections on the face of the planet, be it within the family circle or beyond, be termed as ‘Relationships’? Deluded he is, man often claims to such connections, claiming them to be real. How often he gets it wrong, that sooner or later a gentle tap comes from the Greater Heaven, telling him that, ‘He and He Alone Is The Real Friend, and None Else’. In the case of Ms Vibha, she was infinitely  blessed to hear the same from The Lord Supreme, Who chose to educate her with the message in person. Read on an interesting episode as narrated by Ms Vibha Gajjar from Nasik, alumna at SSSIHL, from the batch of 1978-81. This article is extracted from the 95th Birthday release, Sai Samipyam, by the 1978-81 batch of alumnae at SSSIHL, Anantapur Campus.

“Every child born into the world brings a message from God that he is not yet discouraged with man”. – Rabindranath Tagore.

After graduation, I did my B. Ed and worked as a teacher in Swami’s Primary school. I was thrilled and grateful to be back; it was like a homecoming. To be again near Swami’s physical presence and have His Darshans, one could ask for nothing more. Being a teacher at Swami’s Institution was a different experience altogether. Swami loved His students of Primary School, and it was a treat to watch Him interact with them.

God is Love, and I was one of the lucky recipients of His Love.

During that time, Swami had graciously agreed to perform the wedding of a friend of mine in the interview room. Swami had asked him to give Him the number of guests that would be attending. My friend graciously included me in that list. On the day of the wedding, everyone was ushered in, with Swami coming in last as usual. All were seated, and Swami too sat in His chair.

He surveyed the room, looking at everyone who had come in. When His ‘gaze’ fell on me, He immediately asked, “Tum idhar kya karta hai?” (What are you doing here?)

I was taken aback, caught unawares. My heart sank. “Kya rishta hai?” (How are you related?). I feebly muttered, “Friend, Swami.”

My friend too said the same thing. Swami started emphatically nodding His Head and said: “God Is The Only Real Friend; no one (else) is a friend. When there is money everyone is a friend; when there is no money, no one is a friend.” That is something (this priceless message) I have never forgotten. Well, He kindly let me stay for the ceremony. He has been my  Friend and my Confidant all my life; nothing is ever hidden from Him.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II