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The Power of the Lord’s Name…

In the course of His discourse in the Prasanthi Mandir on June 22nd, 1989, Bhagawan explained the purifying and redeeming power of the Lord’s Name when it is recited in a spirit of total surrender to the Divine. Bhagawan said: read more »

The Power Of Faith…

In one of His discourses in “Trayee Brindavan” in May 1994, Bhagawan spoke at length on the power of faith, He said: “Complete faith is most essential if you want to experience Divinity. There should not be even an iota of doubt. One living without faith in the Divine is like a lifeless corpse.” Bhagavan related the following story to illustrate the Power Of Faith: read more »

My Sankalpa Is All-Powerful!

The Bond Of Love between Bhagawan and His ‘students’ is the sweetest and most incomprehensible. What the ‘vanaras’ of the Treta and ‘gopis’ of the Dwapara were privileged, in the Kali age when God descended as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, it is undoubtedly His band of ‘students’ who are the most privileged, to whom He has given Himself, guiding and nurturing them, to become the torch-bearers of His mission…and it is an unending saga of love, that is still on…What is that unfathomable Bond and how much Bhagawan expects from His band of students? read more »

Study The Holy Qur’an and Hold Its Teachings…

Upon finding that the Muslims of Puttaparthi had to trek about four miles to Bukkapatnam every time they had to pray in a mosque, since they did not have a place of worship in their own village, in 1978, Bhagawan built a mosque in the village to help the Muslims to worship in Puttaparthi itself. read more »

Shiva Shakthi Sai

The following is the Divine Discourse delivered on 6th July 1963…leading up to the context Prof. N. Kasturi writes the backdrop of the discourse that revealed the ‘Avatara Rahasya’ of Bhagawan. Baba was brought down the winding stairs into the Private Room on the ground floor, because He insisted on giving Darshan to the thousands of devotees who had come on that auspicious day. He had an attack of cerebral thrombosis (or tubercular meningitis?) and was in bed for eight days from the morning of Saturday, 29th June to the evening of 6th July. His left hand, leg and eye were affected; His right hand had also slight palsy; the tongue was indistinct and the face was twitching. He was placed on the Silver Chair in the Prayer Hall and His hand and leg were adjusted in proper position. As soon as He was seated, He communicated the following message which was interpreted and announced.

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Avatar Vani: Varalakshmi Vratam Discourse

Women are the Embodiments of Nobility and Virtue

The Festival of Varalakshmi Vrata falls on this day, a day quite special to propitiate the goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, one of the Hindu Trinity. Varalakshmi is supposedly The One, Who grants boons to devotees. Among the many legends and stories about the auspicious festivity, what stands out is what Bhagawa Sri Sathya Sai Baba spoke about, going in detail, covering the entirety of the auspicious occasion. This discourse was delivered on the occasion of Varalakshmi Vrata in the year 2000 in Prasanthi Nilayam

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