The day’s moment of glory came in the evening at 1917 hrs. with Bhagawan emerging from Yajur Mandiram. Coming in to the hall, Bhagawan’s car took a detour from the ladies’ end to come on to the verandah. Soon Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi.

With the Arathi song on Bhagawan came out of the car. Blessing a group of devotees with fistfuls of Vibhuti prasadam Bhagawan moved on to come on to the dais. For a flicker of seconds Bhagawan assumed His seat on the dais and the audience ‘went berserk’ giving Him loud applause. Bhagawan’s hands went up in abhaya posture, blessing the audience, ladies, gents and the students at the centre. Moving off, Bhagawan headed towards getting into His car.

As His car inched along, going for a reverse round through the gents’s into the ladies’, once again there was a slight jostle, as devotees at the back attempted to steal a better glance of the Lord. As His car moved at a snail’s pace, Bhagawan went on blessing the audience with His abhayahastas……And the disciplined bunch of White Army, His students, sat in silent devotion, with many holding plain paper greetings, that read, ‘We Love You Swami”.

Blessing the audience with His ever benevolent glance and intermittent abhayahasthas, Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1930 hrs.