Thursday Darshan

Thursdays are always special in Prasanthi Nilayam; living up to this special tag, every Thursday comes bringing greater expectations.

Today, Sai Kulwant was packed to capacity once again, and the evening’s assembly has been reinforced by a huge group of over four thousand from Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh, came in a special train assisted by ten buses. The group has come on a three day Parthi Yatra starting from today.

As Bhagawan emerged on the dot at 1900 hrs. in His car, Sai Kulwant turned electrified as it greeted Him with great devotional fervour. Bhagawan’s car glided down the pathway and a section at the back in the ladies’ side went on waving and humming, greeting The Lord. Sai Kulwant presented a picture of great devotional exhibition of ‘excitement unbounded’!

Even as He reached the Verandah, after a full round, Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi and with the Arathi song echoing from a thousand vocal cords, Bhagawan’s car inched along.

The car sped past the gents’ side, this time on a reverse round. Once again excitement ran high with every individual soul in attendance trying for a closer glance of the Beloved Lord.

Bhagawan’s car inched along the pathway at the gents’ side crossing over to the ladies’, and all along, His blessed glance fell upon many, oozing greater compassion. Little girls from the Primary School joined in, wishing The Lord with special greetings. Bhagawan glanced at these ‘little hearts’, in acknowledgement, and the children seemed contented.

As the session came to a close at 1920 hrs., ‘His All Conquering Love’ has been ‘ringing in many a heart’.