Orissa Sevadal Blessing

This was yet another day for the outgoing sevadal batch to get special blessings. Following the Kerala batch, this time it was ‘Orissa’ that assembled in the Poornachandra Auditorium, availing her turn, invoking The Divine!

Bhagawan emerged at 1910 hrs. and went in to the auditorium to spent next ten minutes in. Coming down the ramp, Bhagawan sat on the special stage, down the main stage, for sometime before blessing prasadam for distribution. As prasdam distribution went on Bhagawan sat on, stretching the session, to the bliss of the Orissa batch. Accepting Mangala Arathi Bhagawan returned, heading to the main venue, Sai Kulwant.

Coming in to the hall at 1925 hrs. Bhagawan went for a full round in His car before appearing on the dais. Bhajans went into a high gear and Bhagawan sat for next five minutes before indicating for Mangala Arathi, at 1937 hrs. Bringing the curtains down on the glorious session, Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1940 hrs.