Convocation Drama and Felicitation – A Report

On the eve of 30th Convocation of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, the students from the Institute presented a drama titled “Guru Mahima.”

The presentation depicted the lofty relationship between Guru and disciple and how a true Guru stands by disciples who are dedicated and devoted. Revolved around three youngsters staying in an ashram, guided by the Guru, the presentation, with the help of flashback scenes from the epics and stories of great souls, underlain the essential truth that faith wins oddities.

The drama began with a beautifully choregraphed invocatory dance to the song Guru Brahma Neeve Param Jyoti Neeve. Bhagawan’s exhortation of students in a discourse on character and values was played on the public address system which set the tone and tenor of the drama.

The drama revolved around three youth – Vaibhav, Saket and Gaurav. They had a sublime relationship with the master of the Ashram, Sri Shantanand. Chaitanya Dham was situated on the banks of Anand Sarovar. The Gurudev was a musical maestro. Vaibhav and Gaurav came to learn the intricacies of music from the Guru, but Saket felt that his primary duty was to serve the Guru. The whole place, Chaitanya Dham and its surroundings thrived on the blessings and grace of the Guru.

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The drama had a few interludes which highlighted the theme of the drama. The first one was in the court of King Akbar. Emperor Akbar glossed eloquent praises on Tansen when he entertained the emperor with his calibre of singing. But there was a flaw, Tansen sang for the world, whereas Swami Haridas, another singer who sang from his heart, sang for the Lord. This was the primary difference between the two singers.

No spiritual pursuit is complete without a test. Vaibhav and Saket converse among themselves about the indifferent attitude of the Guru. A lofty point is made here: Change is the only permanent thing in the universe. Jagat – Ja – gat – comes and goes. Suddenly, one day the Guru expressed his desire to leave the Ashram. He told them to take care of the Ashram.

An episode from the Ramayana was the next interlude. Bharata was entreating Rama not to leave the kingdom and make them orphans. But Rama was resolute on following his father’s commands. Ultimately, Bharata had to accept Rama’s decision. He stayed back and ruled the kingdom on Rama’s advice.

All the activities of the Ashram take place in the same way as it used to be and the Guru’s absence is not noticed. But the land is struck with famine and no rains. The people are asked to leave the land deserting their properties. There is a dilemma among them. It is then that Saket undertakes a fast praying incessantly to Gurudev. Gaurav and Vaibhav enter the scene, and the climax of the drama is reached. They convey the tragic news that Gurudev had left them.

They had the faith that Gurudev would come back. True to their faith, the Gurudev returned. Returning The Gurudev said, “Where did I go. I am in them who seek me from the depths of their hearts. He is ever present in the hearts of devotees. His joy is theirs and their sorrow is his.” On this high note, the drama came to a close.

The students in Sai Kulwant Hall, both boys and girls lit candles and presented a beautiful panorama. “We will wait for You, we will light the lamp of lamp of God’s Name in our hearts, bless us so that we will always chant the Name of Sai and make our hearts illumined” – with this song, the cast of the drama converged in the central arena of the hall to take Bhagawan’s blessings.

Clothes were presented to the participants and others involved in the drama by the senior functionaries of the Institute. After a few Bhajans and distribution of Prasadam, the proceedings of the evening came to a close with Arati at 1900 hrs.

Earlier, the programme commenced with a felicitation ceremony honouring three senior faculties of the Institute. Sri Srirangarajan, the Controller of Examinations of the Institute gave a outline of the research activities of the Institute. Bhagawan had set up this Institute three decades ago with the noble objective that students of this institute will blossom forth and serve as role models for other people in the world, said Sri Rangarajan.

As per Bhagawan’s Divine guidance, research has been on on themes of local social relevance. This evening, Sri Indulal Shah, a very senior functionary and trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust gave away the awards to three distinguished faculties.

The first recipient was Prof. K. Venkataramanaiah, senior professor in the Dept. of Physics. Dr. N. Sivakumar, Asst. Professor in the Dept. of Commerce received the next citation. From the field of Language and Philosophy, Dr. N. Venkatesh Rao, Assistant Professor in Sanskrit received the award. Sai Krishna Award consisted of a certificate, a memento and cash incentive of Rs. 25,000.