Dana Gillespie Sings Songs Of Love…Unity

With a string of selected songs, a compilation of her songs in The Divine Presence over the years, Dana Gillespie of London Blues Band fame took the audience through her memory lane, presenting an electrifying music concert at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet on the 20th November evening in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The singer, the most popular western voice in Prasanthi Nilayam and undoubtedly one of Bhagawan’s favourite picks took the audience down memory lane, singing mainly hit songs from her earlier concerts in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The underlying theme of her performance was Love and Unity. Recapitulating her glorious times in Bhagawan’s physical presence, the cherubic singer began with the song “we are all one…under the sun”.

Singing with the aid of recorded tracks of music, Gillespie continued for an hour, often inciting the audience to join with rhythmic beats. She presented twelve songs that included two bhajans. Some of her favourite numbers sung during landmark occasions, 70th and 80th birthday, were reproduced explaining significance in short.

The soul of music is touched only when it is sung with love…Recaping her experience with Bhagawan, the singer stated that to sing in His presence one need to have a ‘large heart’…and the accomplished singer exhibited what she is in possession, a heart full of Love for The Lord, craving for Unity of world. She sang with a touch of feeling, with a beautiful smile on her face, “I Sigh For Him…Love For Love…”

Interestingly, during the interludes, the singer presented a guided tour, explaining the songs and significance and snippets of her wonderful moments with Beloved Bhagawan.

Presenting a bhajan, “Prem Easwar Hey…Easwar Prem Hey…” she explained how she would often sing her all time favourite bhajan, a couple of lines of which went missing over the years, and the bhajan was “Allaho Akbar…Allaho Akbar…La ilaha illa allah…” Grabbing the mike when she sung it with her booming voice echoing the spacious hall, the audience accompanied the singer in chorus and the message was clear, Unity Of All Religions, Oneness of Godhood.

Every song was well received and the hall reverberated with rapturous applause at every interludes. She ended the concert chanting the Vibhuti Mantra, “Paramam Pavitram Baba Vibhootim…”

Earlier the evening session began with a short speech by Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, World Council of International Organisations. He stressed on the importance of taking Bhagawan’s Mission forward by making our lives exemplary following Bhagawan’s teachings. We are all Truth, We are all One, We are all embodiments of Selfless Divine echoed Dr. Goldstein. Narrating a beautiful incident with Bhagawan, the speaker said, once he had the opportunity to sit at His Lotus Feet and as Bhagawan glancing around, he had the audacity to ask Him, how it would be watching the world through His eyes and Bhagawan replied…if one would watch the world through His eyes, one would not be wanting home, would not be wanting a body…

This was followed by introduction of the artiste. Sheetu Chudasama, International Youth coordinator introducing the artiste for the evening. Briefing a colourful profile of the artiste. Sheetu narrated a beautiful anecdote from Gillespie’s interactions with Bhagawan. She had asked Bhagawan once, Swami, what is the use of singing throughout life? …and pat came His reply, Play The Game and Be Happy…that was indeed the lesson for the audience…Play The Game with Love and Unity as the Central Theme…