Devotional Singing Programme by Southern Europe

Over one hundred and eighty devotees from the South European countries Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina arrived early in the Christmas season for they have been given the unique privilege of decorating Mandir and the rest of Prasanthi Nilayam this year. Along with that they also had the yearning to sing and cry out their feelings to Bhagawan. The opportunity was gained by them on the 20th of Dec 2011.

The above mentioned countries speak different languages (they can understand each other, but the languages are similar and not same). They had the herculean task of balancing their time between decorating Prasanthi Nilayam and having rehearsals together in order to learn the songs well. By Bhagawan’s grace, help had come under the loving and expert guiding hand of their Choir conductor Uma Devi. They held rehearsals in the EHV block (popularly know as the double decker building) in the previous few days from 5.00-7.00am.

The countries also have different religious and cultural backgrounds. So the songs express devotional feelings and attitudes with a stress on the Destination which is common for all the paths. . A scintillating combination of wind, string, keyboard and percussions made for a divine rendition of songs in praise of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. While many of the items were lively and foot-tapping, the multifarious gathering was also entertained with sweet, sinusoidal, lilting sounds with deep messages.

With the expansive vision to make their brothers and sisters from India also feel included, they sang two songs in Telugu and Hindi: Kapadu Sai Devuda and Hamko Tumse Pyare Kitna.

After the Music Programme, as encouraged by Bhagawan in previous years, they also sung Bhajans. Clothes were distributed to all the participants and Prasadam was shared with the assembly on this sweet occasion.