A Musical Evening by Anantapur Campus…

This evening on the second day of the ongoing three-day Summer Course in Indian Culture and Spirituality, students from the Anantapur Campus offered a veritable feast of delectable musical offering, singing their hearts out for their Beloved Mother Sai. Announcing that let His glory by sung in different languages, women students sang for the next forty minutes pouring unsullied devotion at the Master’s Lotus Feet.

Earlier, during the second day the proceedings in the Poornachandra Auditorium began with invocatory Vedic chanting followed by talks by Faculty Members and Doctoral Research Scholars.

Dr. R. Sai Sathish, Asst. Professor at Dept. of Chemistry who spoke first elucidated on the theme, Indian Culture and Spirituality from the Srimad Bhagavatham that was followed by a talk by Sri KM Ganesh, Doctoral Research Scholar, Dept. of Chemistry on the theme, Sanathana Dharma – Lessons From the Bhagavad Gita.

Bhagavatham begins with Bhakti, devotion that leads to Mukthi, liberation sounded Dr. Sai Satish highlighting that the sacred epic instils the urge for liberation. When everything else in this ephemeral world goes changing, five cardinal values, Sathya Dharma Santhi Prema Ahimsa remains ever unchanged, said Sri KM Ganesh talking on the Bhagavad Gita. Bhagavad Gita is the text for Sadhakas and one should strive to translate the Gita teachings into Practice, said Ganesh talking on the relevance of the Song Celestial in the modern day.

After an intermission of video show featuring Bhagawan the session continued with talk by Ms. U. Suma, Asst. Professor with Dept. of Commerce, who presented a profound exposition on the subject with apt references supporting her thesis. Concluding her presentation the speaker opined that the best solution for the present day quagmire world of problems is to engage in Nishkama Karma, selfless desire-less service, as exemplified and taught by Beloved Bhagawan.

Earlier the evening session began with Vedic chanting for half-an-hour that was followed by an introductory talk by Dr. Deepak Anand, Asst. Prof. with SBMAF. Quoting one of the morning speakers at the Summer Course, Dr. Anand made a reference to the highlighted point, as revealed by Bhagawan that, only Sai Avatar can remove the Sanchita Karma, (the sum of one’s past actions), accumulated over the past many lives which is the uniqueness of Sai Avatar.

Summary of morning proceedings were presented by two students, Ms. Swathi Mehta and Sri Lakshmikant Sarma from Anantapur and Brindavan Campus. While Swathi spoke in brief of the three talks and the Quiz programme held in the afternoon Lakshmikanth’s presentation revolved around the Study Circles held on the first two afternoons.

The Quiz Programme was on the Life and Teachings of Bhagawan, split into seven rounds, covering various scriptures and a final audio round on Bhagawan’s Divine Discourses.

After the programme bhajans continued for fifteen minutes, by the Anantapur wing, before Mangala Arathi offering at 1845 hrs.

The three-day Summer Course will culminate with the pre-lunch session tomorrow.