That Touch of Grace

Beloved Bhagawan’s Darshan, His walking the face of planet Earth is undoubtedly the mightiest ever happening…a celestial boon to humanity. The Act…His Grace…How does one feel watching Him amidst devotees, walking around spreading His all conquering love? A poem from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri sharing the beauty of one such heavenly darshan in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Anandamaya Bhagawan,
Hey Premamaya Bhagawan…

Oh, that touch of sweet grace,
Of our beloved Lord, all did face,
Even as the evening bhajans did commence,
In the air there was excitement immense,
With the primary adulation of Lord Ganesha,
Of grace there was a fragrant shower,
Lord Surya wore a brilliant smile,
He had been awaiting a darshan for quite awhile,
It was like old times revisited,
On the Lord’s chariot all eyes were set,
‘Oh, Swami is coming, He is coming,
In the middle of winter, that freshness of spring,
A moment of bliss to behold,
All hearts fill with joys untold…’

And so the divine chariot moved ahead gently,
The charioteer drove ever so carefully,
For it was the first darshan of the day,
The leelas of the Lord were at play,
A smile for one,
Letters from some,
Tossing packets of vibhuti prasadam,
Fulfillment of prayers – Bhagawan had come…

Bhajans reached a crescendo,
Sweet melodies did reverberate and flow,
As the Lord encircled Kulwant Hall in full view,
Mother Earth and the Universe was embraced too,
The Creator’s love was not only for a chosen few,
At every darshan, the Cosmos gets its due,
All beings await this moment that is true,
His all seeing gaze,
Hands that gesture mysteriously and amaze,
His ears hear not only our worship and praise,
Only He knows who needs help, where and when,
All we can say with gratitude is Ameen, Amen…

A moment so timeless, and full of delight too,
Quality and quantity time for me and you,
An hour and fifteen minutes,
Of devotional melodies,
In an aura of pure love time seemed to freeze,
The Lord’s hands moved to the divine rhythm,
Our great good fortune can we ever fathom,
Put apart I,
Oh, to be in Puttaparthi with beloved Mother Sai,
That touch of immeasurable grace,
The Cosmos did face,
After the Aarti was offered to the Lord,
The infinite blessing of a double Abhaya Hasta,
Touching the ones present and those afar,
Open wide was His doors for all creatures at Shirdi,
His love enveloped all limitless and free,
And now Kulwant Hall is the Dwarakamai,
Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
Each and every being got its due,
As the chariot rolled back gracefully out of view,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…
Peace for all beings,
For all, beloved Lord belong to You…

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II