Musical Dance Drama by DJP Children…

Today, on the 3rd day of the ongoing Dasara Saptaaha Jnaana Yajna, evening session of Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha had three speakers, two from  Prasanthi Nilayam campus and one from Anantapur campus of SSSIHL.

Earlier, the programme commenced with Veda chanting followed by special invocation by the tiny tots from Smt. Easwaramma English Medium High School.

Today, being 20 October, ‘Avatar Declaration Day’, at the outset,  Prof Anantaraman, Media co-ordinator with Sri Sathya  Sai Central Trust spoke on the greater significance of the day that earned an indelible impression in the history of mankind, when the Lord chose to define the day with His Divine Annunciation of His Avataric Mission, 72 years ago.

The first speaker for the evening was Sri Bhabani Shankar Padhy, Research Scholar from Prasanthi Nilayam campus. Beginning with an introduction of the varied dimensions of Navarathri festival, illustrating varied faces of the Mother Divine, in different parts of India, ranging from North East to South to the Southernmost tip of India, Kanya Kumari, where Mother is worshipped as Goddess Kanya Kumari, the speaker drifted into narrating the legend of the Goddess. Kanya Kumari as a virgin, is eternally waiting for Her Lord, Lord Shiva.  Akin to the Goddess’s eternal waiting for Her Beloved, man also has to develop this eternal bond with His Lord, said the speaker connecting the incident with Bharat’s cultural heritage. Sage Bharadwaja, who did severe penance, despite all oddities, finally brought heavenly cosmic boon to humanity by having been responsible for the Avataric Advent. Speaking quite authentically with clarity, Bhabani interlaced his speech with beautiful incidents as well as some couplets ending it with a mention that one day at the twilight of our physical sojourn each individual will retrospect finding out how each one them have become a miracle in His Divine hands.

Speaking next, Sai Prasanna, an MBA student from Prasanthi Nilayam campus elucidated on the glory and potency of Lalitha Sahasranamam, 1008 Names of Goddess Lalitha. Speaking on the potency of the Sahasranama, Sai Prasanna brought references from the illustrious book Anyatha Saranam Naasthi before narrating some of the interesting incidents of some of the students. Referring to the attribute in the Sahasranama wherein She was called ‘Brahmanda Janani’, Sai Prasanna dwelt on the allegorical meaning of the Name in its broadest all encompassing term, narrating how the revised universal Mantra, Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu was introduced by Bhagawan some years ago.

Third and final speaker for the evening was Kum Shilpa from the Anantapur campus of SSSIHL. Poetically explaining the greater glory of Bhagawan, Shilpa dwelt on man’s repeated failures in finding God at the right place, within him, despite advancing in worldly ways, conquering the world outside.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed, played on the public speaker system. Man should introspect repeatedly asking whether his purpose of coming unto this physical world has been achieved,exhorted Bhagawan, adding that man is here to know his true nature. If man knows his true nature, he will know everything. It is easy to follow the path of Truth. Follow the spiritual practice that help you to know your true nature, reminded Bhagawan to the students and assembly of devotees.

The last programme was a Dance Drama presentation by the Deena Janoddharana Pathakam in Andhra Pradesh. Deenajanoddharana Pathakam is Bhagawan’s project for the destitute children.

The presentation entitled Nee Challani Needalo Entha Haayi Saayi was the story of the protagonist, Siva, a destitute child,  who found his great good fortune once got enrolled under the Pathakam.

All the children were felicitated an Prasadam was distributed to the entire assembly. Bhajans continued and ended with Bhagawan singing Prema Muditha Manase Kaho…Mangala Arathi was offered at 1910 hrs.

Today is the 3rd day of Dasara Jyaana Saptaha Yajna being conducted in the Poornachandra Auditorium.

Today, on the fifth day of Sri Sathya Sai Grama Seva 2012, the following villages of the Kothacheruvu and Puttaparthi mandal were served: Narayanapuram, Sathya Sai Nagar, Sampuram, Mamillakunta Cross, Guntipalli, Locherla, Gownakuntapalli, Byrapuram, Yerrapalli, Kammavanipalli, Chinnarajapalli, Appalavandlapalli, Bandlapalli, Honnurapalli, Virupapuram, Obuladevarapalli, Pothulakunta, Mallempalli, Thippabatlapalli, Marakuntlapalli, Nagareddipalli, Ravindra Colony, Vaugampalli, Eragampalli and Eragampalli SC Locality.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II