The Tribute Of The Three Seas…

When SAI becomes the ultimate manifestation of Divinity, it is not alone the humans, visibly competent and most intelligent of His creation, who pay respect and reverence to Him…the Sun, the Moon, Silver Stars in the night sky, the Five Elements and the entire vibrating Universe do pay obeisance to HIM… When Bhagawan visited Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari, at the Triveni Sangamam, the holy confluence of three seas,  Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, HE had an unusual offering from the sea…Chronicled by Prof Kasturi for Sanathana Sarathi Jan 1959.

The 21st December was Vaikunta Ekadashi, a day sacred to all Hindus, a day of fasting and prayer; and the citizens of Trivandrum were delighted when the reception committee announced that Baba would be accepting their prostrations, that day from 9-30 A.M! It was indeed a moving spectacle, the long line of eager men, women and children, coming in an ever lengthening queue, to where Baba was seated in the Thevaram Palace Mantapam and prostrating before Him, with a glint of gratefulness in their eyes and a smile of satisfaction, lighting up their faces! Baba gave Vibhuti, to almost all the ten thousand of them, with His own hands. It was clear that He was very pleased with the cleanliness and godliness, the orderliness and devotion, of those who offered Him their homage that day.

In the evening, Baba arrived at Kovalam Beach, seven miles away from the City, accompanied by the members of His entourage, as well as many devotees from Trivandrum. At a quite spot on the seashore, far away from the noise and bustle of the capital, Baba gave those around Him, the unique pleasure of hearing Him sing a number of songs. Everyone joined in the Bhajan that followed; during the Bhajan, Baba ‘took’ from the sands a beautiful image of Murali Krishna and a gold ring with the Radha-Krishna motif embossed charmingly on it. Being Vaikuntha Ekadashi, Baba also ‘took’ Amrita, this time from His hands! The devotees who sat around Him could sense the captivating fragrance, long before the actual materialisation, and even as Baba was singing a song, He pointed His joint palms at a silver vessel and the ambrosial Amrita gurgled into it from His fingers! Baba then distributed the Nectar, Himself, to everyone present, including a few fortunate fisher folk from the hamlet nearby.

From Kovalam, Baba proceeded to Cape Comorin, the sacred spot which marks the southern-most tip of the Indian Peninsula. On the 22nd, in the morning He strolled on the seashore and held religious discussions with His devotees at the Bungalow where He stayed. Here too, a large number of people from the town had His darshan, and received His blessings.

In the evening, when the sky was turned into a carnival of pink and purple by the rays of the setting Sun, Baba again proceeded to the shore and played with the waves of the three seas that mingle there. Each wave seemed to be more eager than the rest to wash His Lotus Feet, and to offer Him its individual homage! Suddenly, as if aware of the yearning of the waves, Baba stood facing the seas and said, to those beside Him, “See! The ocean is inviting Me, with a garland in its hand!” At that very moment, one could discern a beautiful wave forming itself a few yards ahead and soon, it swept majestically forward towards the group on the seashore. It rolled past Bhagawan, and quickly receded. But, imagine the surprise and joy of everyone there, when, lo and behold! There was a bewitching pearl garland, round Baba’s Feet, swaying and swinging with the waters of the sea! One hundred and eight translucent pearls, the Tribute from Three Seas to the Avatar Of The Lord! Oh! How entrancingly charming Baba looked, when, at the earnest entreaty of the devotees, He condescended to wear the Precious Garland!