The Broken Leg…

Call it destiny, heavenly boon or Divine Grace… at the right time…at the right place…under the most perfect settings, He appears bringing succour to the suffering ones…blessing the most blessed of His devotees… Sri SNK Sundaram had the ‘real’ bliss of experiencing the same, when Bhagawan chose to walk into his house…an extract from Sanathana Sarathi, February 1969.

When Bhagawan graciously agreed to come to my humble abode, I remembered my elder brother, who had badly fractured his thigh bone, six months previously. As ill-luck would have it, the broken bones did not join properly and he had to spend his life, mostly in bed. His movements were considerably restricted. So, he was bundled up and brought to my house and put in a chair in the rear hall.    Seeing him in the chair, no one could say that he had a leg injury and could not walk about with ease.

Bhagawan arrived, showered Ananda on hundreds of people who had assembled in the main hall and sat for some time receiving the adoration of devotees during bhajan.

Then, unobserved, He slipped off from the room, and none of us was conscious of His absence. He went straight to the place where my brother was. I did not have the opportunity or time to mention to Him about my brother and his condition. But, Bhagawan knows.

He put a straight question to Him, “What, your leg is not right yet?” and the reply was, “No, Swami”. He materialised the Divine Cure, the Vibhuti, and put a dot on his forehead, and placed a little on his palm with instructions to swallow. My sister brought in a glass of water for him. All this happened within minutes, and Baba came back into the hall where I had just discovered that He had gone into the inner apartments.

When I approached Him, Baba gave me a pat on the back, saying in Tamil, “Un  brotherukku kaal sari panni vittain”, meaning, “I have set right your brother’s leg!”

O, Embodiment of Compassion! Karuna Murthi! I exclaimed; my throat choking with joy, gratitude, and amazement…. Within three days, my brother started moving about on his legs within the house; in a week, he ventured out into the garden, without help; and, in a month, he resumed his daily constitutional of two miles a day…