Immortal Love!!!

Bhagawan Sri Krishna is the Avatar Of Supreme Love!  Where there is love there is Krishna and Lord Krishna’s Divine leelas  are meant for the devotees, for them to realize the Truth, to dispel their ignorance, to make them enjoy Divine Bliss and to enable them to realise the Divinity. A beautiful incident from the life of Bhagawan Sri Krishna, extracted from the book Madhura Bhakthi.

Once Radha saw Krishna going in the hot Sun. She was immensely agonized and ran after Him. She asked Him, “Oh Kanhaiya! Why are You going in the hot Sun? See how Your body is drenched with sweat! Your face has become reddish and the tender Feet of Yours have turned red.” She anxiously wiped His face with the edge of her sari and adjusted His locks. She started massaging His Lotus Feet softly. She requested Him that He should not put His tender Feet to such a plight and He should walk on her palms, which she will alternately shift. Radha is the life force of Krishna and Krishna is her very breath. He was moved with the concern she had for Him and His heart melted like butter. He caught hold of both her hands and looked into her eyes with overflowing love. She was excited when He agreed to comply with her request. She laid her palms on the ground and Krishna went step by step on them. Having taken only a few steps she suddenly stopped Him and requested for Him to wait for a while. She went to the nearby pomegranate tree and rubbed its flowers into her palms. She thought that her hard palms would hurt His Feet and by doing this it would not hurt her endearing Lord’s Feet.

The heart of Krishna melted like ice noticing her great concern for Him. He was very much moved and was thrilled by her love. He tenderly caught hold of her hands and asked her as to why she was so fond of Him? Would not her tender palms get hurt by the hot ground below? Would this not bring grief to Him? The purity of their hearts and the intense love for each other made the hot Sun to become cool. The bewildered Sun God stood with folded hands. Quietness reigned the entire nature wondering if there is any parallel to such immortal love! Can their love be ever defined in words? They were the icons of love in the empire of love. Where there is Krishna there is Radha and where there is love they are but inevitable!