Sathya Sai Darshanam – The Beauty Beyond Compare!!!

When the Only Purusha in human form, Bhagawan, walks into grant Divine Darshan, Prakriti, Nature also decided to join providing backdrop music. This very day was indeed blessed with this rare combination of Prakriti and Purusha…A Darshan with heavy downpour in the backdrop.

Given below is an excerpt from the ‘Darshan Story’ on 28 August 2010 in Prasanthi Nilayam as chronicled by The Prasanthi Reporter…

Let’s read..assimilate…live with it and thus manifest HIM, our Beloved Mother Sai!


Sat, Aug 28, 2010: Morning darshan tidings comes yet again with tides of greater benediction! Granting yet another morning darshan, this morning, first in 20 days, Bhagawan emerged at 1035 hrs. to come for a full round. Interacting with some students on His way, Bhagawan came onto the portico for a brief interaction with a senior devotee from overseas before moving in, granting him an interview. Emerging yet again after forty-five minutes, at 1125 hrs., Bhagawan moved onstage to call for Arathi, before retiring to Yajur Mandiram at 1135 hrs.

On this otherwise sunny day, it drizzled in the nick of time just before 1645 hrs. when Bhagawan was ready to emerge coming in for Divine Darshan! Emerging at 1645 hrs. with a yellow umbrella cover on top, Bhagawan went for a full round before moving into the interview room in fifteen minutes, calling a senior devotee from overseas along with a small group in.

Emerging in half-an-hour, at 1730 hrs., Bhagawan glided past the lower portico, blessing many, to come onstage at 1737 hrs. Bhajans continued, with The Purusha, Bhagawan sitting onstage, and The Prakrithi, the nature wearing an overcast costume on top, ever ready to score a ‘natural’ background piece. With the beautiful twilight creeping in, thanks to the overcast sky, soon Bhagawan indicated for an “aalaap” bhajan. Singing Radha Rani’s unsulliled love for her Beloved Krishna, “Radhika Jeevana…” rendered the air, and with that, came a downpour as the ‘gates to the heavens turned open’.

With the ‘natural music’ turned quite obvious, beating up the roof on top powerfully, at 1800 hrs., Bhagawan blessed Mr. Ajit Poppat from London to take over the rest of the day’s proceedings, with yet another “Puppet Show”.

Being the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslims around the world, Mr. Poppat ended his inspirational speech reciting some verses in Urdu as a prayer to Allah, essentially declaring that “Sab Ka Maalik Ek!”

At 1825 hrs. Bhagawan nodded for Mangala Arathi. Rains that subsided in between, picked up yet again heralding His “return”. Moving off the dais at 1830 hrs., Bhagawan got into His “Sai Vaahan” retiring for the day that presented twin darshans.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II