I shall not forsake…

Recounting a beautiful incident from His Treta Avatar as Lord Rama, Bhagawan once narrated how precious is His birthplace, Puttaparthi, for Him…reiterating that He shall not forsake His birthplace, ever…Extracted from Bhagawan’s Divine discourse delivered on 25-05-1982.

After the death of Ravana on the battlefield, Lakshmana asked Rama, “Brother! Our brother Bharata has been ruling the Kingdom of Ayodhya very well, for 14 years. That kingdom, though poor, is happy under his rule. Now, Lanka has come into our hands. This seems heaven when compared to Ayodhya. I pray that you assume rulership over Lanka and reform the Rakshasas.” Rama smiled at this suggestion. He replied, “Does any son give up his mother because her features are ugly? My motherland may be poor but it is my mother. Can I adopt a woman as mother, if she is more charming than my own? However rich and prosperous this Lanka is, I do not wish to be here.” Rama held up the ideal of a patriot eager to serve His native land.

I shall relate an example in which I Am Myself the subject. Forty years ago, a rich lady named Sakamma (famed as a big coffee planter and manufacturer of Sakamma Coffee) used to come to Puttaparthi from Bangalore. In those days, journey to this isolated hamlet was a very difficult venture. Those who came by car had to negotiate mud tracks and park the cars on the right bank of the river and trudge across. On one occasion, Sakamma came with two maternal uncles of the Maharaja of Mysore, and prayed, “Swami! This place is very inaccessible. Devotees are undergoing much trouble. We shall purchase a few acres of land in Bangalore City and spend a few lakhs to build a fine spacious Mandir for You there. Swami must agree and must move over to that city.” I told her, “Sakamma! What is the greatness in promising water to those who come to the River Ganga? The greatness consists in promising water to those who come to the desert. Listen! This is the place where ‘This Body’ was born. You may build the Mandir as you plan anywhere. I shall come there and be there for some days. However, I shall not forsake this place.” Now, this tiny hamlet which was difficult to reach has become the centre of even a University. Can mere man transform it so? Through Whom has this village gained every modern convenience needed for a happy life?