…Yet I Continue To Work…

Bhagawan, being the Purushotthama, the perfect personified Being, sets up standards by practising His precepts only to teach the world good lessons for it to follow suit…writes Dr MVN Murthy. From Sanathana Sarathi archives…

Whatever a great man does, the same is done by others as well. He sets up a standard, and it is followed by the world. There is nothing in the three worlds, O Arjuna, for Me to achieve, nor is there anything to gain which I have not gained. Yet I continue to work.
Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter III , Verses, 21-22.

Explaining why He accompanies devotees to temples, Baba once explained that unless He Himself sets an example in this regard, He could not expect others to do like-wise. Example is better than precept!

We may say that only Avatars can afford to set up examples! If we analyse carefully, we find that most of our contemporary ills arise by not following the above precept and example. How little do we realise that we cannot have two sets of values. One for ourselves, another for our children, for friends, or parents, for subordinates, in short for everybody else! We tell lies to our children (Oh! he is too young to understand) and are surprised that they turn out to be liars, even towards us! We expect praise from others, but hardly give any; we expect to be forgiven, but are unprepared to forgive others. We go to office late, and leave early (especially if we are `bosses’) and yet take exception, if a “subordinate” does it. If we are discourteous to others, we should not be surprised if others are discourteous to us.

If we are in doubt, let us observe the way Baba lives, acts and speaks. He calls us “Premaswaroopulaara”, He speaks in a sweet voice, even when He chides. When we get into the Interview Room, we do not meet a condescending Avatar; we meet the most considerate, courteous Being. He does not say “You are like this”; He says “Let us not be too strict with others; we are all like that”; He says “we” not “you”. He never addresses us in the second person singular always in the second person plural—the traditional form of addressing respectfully.

Thus Baba is “setting up a standard” for us to follow, if we care to understand. There is nothing for Him in the three worlds to achieve, nor gain. Yet He continues to work!