The Dance Of The Soul

These words that you are about to wander through are from the April 2014 Issue of the Pune Youth Newsletter, edited by Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, dedicated at the enchanting Lotus Feet…HE is the One Who inspires…HE Who motivates…HE our inspiration…HE our motivation…in Him lies all kinds of celebrations…He the ultimate jubilation…To our Guru, Guide, Parent, Friend and God…we offer all that we are and ever will be…

Ganeshaya Namah Saraswatyai Namah Sri Gurubhyo Namah Hari Aum…

Aham somamahanasam bibharmyaham tvastaram uta pusanam bhagam
Aham dadhami dravinam havismate supravye e yajamanaya sunvate
I sustain Soma, the moon which dispels darkness, the Adityas…Tvasta, Pusha, Bhaga…the life infusing air…and I endow with wealth the worshipper…the one who offers oblation…I enhance the prosperity of a person who leads his life based on the essence of wisdom…revering the sages.

Aham rastri sangamani vasunam cikitusi prathama yajniyanam
Tam ma deva vyadadhuh purutra bhuristha tram bhurya vesayantim

I am the ruling Queen, the foremost power that bestows treasures, first of those who are worthy of worship…replete with wisdom and all aspects of knowledge. The wise realise Me and see Me in the Universe in all the diverse Forms. That Me by their sadhana they have installed in their hearts…in many places, with many homes to enter and abide in.
- Devi Sukta- Song of the Goddess
(Vak Sukta…Vak Ambhrini and Her Song of the Soul)

Oh! Beloved Mother Sai – You, are our wealth, our life infusing breath…it is You, Who sustains us…You, indeed are our essence and it is You Whom we adore and revere. You are the Source of all knowledge and wisdom…and we are aware of You and experience You in all that is around us…it is You, Whom we abide by and have installed forever in our heart.

Come, show us a way to purify our mind…the mind is the root…for a wondrous tree to flower and fruit…a root that needs nurturing and care…for the blossoming of fresh pure and fragrant thoughts…a sterling attribute…that none can dispute.
So too, the mind can be a route…oh, so fine…that leads straight to a heritage divine…that our words and deeds by and by may express and comply…complete allegiance to Thee, Oh, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

Oh! Beloved Lord, come…grant us devotion so true…that can touch Your Heart. An iota of Thy compassion can heal the environment; come, instill faith and fortitude…patience and gratitude…a righteous attitude…heal, repair and correct the mindset and herald in a much required transformation. Cause the effect…and effect the cause…help us let go, balance and blend the ‘was’ with the now…the ‘is’…assist us to adhere the unseen clause and cosmic laws…guide and steer our life, Beloved One towards a harmonious divine cause.

An alteration sans any altercation.
Do not be under the false impression that you can perform an evil deed and be done with it; remember that you will have to face the consequences for the rest of your life. – Baba

There is so much reflected in one’s attitude. Some inherited traits, some impressions from prior lifetimes…some influenced and adapted as the journey from infancy to adulthood commences and continues. Some qualities are virtuous, some shabby, some noble and noteworthy…some incorrect, erring and unworthy. These overlapping coatings control the reaction and response of each individual as he/she sails upon the ocean of life. However, regular scrutiny, mental housekeeping, self study, examination, introspection and inspection can make these layers fall away as do onion peels…heightening a near exemplary transformation.

There is something we all owe our soul – a stillness…a calm demeanour…a ‘sthita prajna’ state that can be wrought only through ethics and ethical behavior…exacting compliance with the Beloved Master’s simple, yet profound maxims…faith and belief in the Will and the Glory of God…the Glorious Will of God…that consistently exhorts and elevates us all to -
Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never; Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…
The soul has danced with life…donning many a form…assuming many a role…spanning innumerable epochs in the ballroom of time…without achieving deserving fulfillment.

Hasn’t Prapti been somewhat elusive…?
The soul’s betrothal to the material world did not always augment a serene affiliation.
However, now in this lifetime, having savored moments in the Divine Presence, how can it not seek a higher way of living and being…?
Any and every kind of restlessness, however subtle, one will realise gradually…eventually is an undetected, unrecognized, imperceptible…deep pursuit of and for the Supreme Source. Just as a stream rushes towards a river…and a river gushes forth towards the ocean…so too, the soul can never be content to meander off-course and remain for any length of time away from its Source.

Restlessness is only the rise and fall of a wave on the ocean that you are. Nothing matters, so long as the depths are secure. Success is not important: failure does not matter. The river of eternity is flowing ever into the ocean of the Supreme Will. – Baba

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II