Greater Heaven’s GIFT called Sathya Sai Darshan

What is the supreme significance of Sri Sathya Sai Darshan??? God descends every time to help ascend man to his original state of Godhood. …And the ‘Supreme-Most’ Avatar’s descend in the most crucial phase of human history, in the history of time, when the Kalipurusha waging a stormy-battle in royal raging fume, is not just another descend… His was (is) The Descend Of All Descends… and He Is The Avatar Of All Ages… and The Avatar Of All Avatars…He Is The Supreme One Who has come to vanquish the evil, the almost unstoppable barrage of wicked propensities of Kali, to restore His creation back in the track…. and That One can only be expressed with the best of all superlatives… One Who Is InCredible… InExplicable… InScrutable…

Catching a ‘glimpse’ of His Own saying about the superlative significance of His Darshan will make us ponder over… over and over again…
… He says:

“My walking amongst you is a Gift yearned for by the Gods of the Highest Heaven and here you are receiving this grace. Be Grateful.”

A Gift yearned for by Gods of the Highest Heaven…and here we are, the folks, who experienced His Divine Love in the minutest detail as well in the monumental designs… Having had Him in the midst, Who chose to be ‘One’ among us, were we disillusioned, believing that we almost had ‘cakewalked’ into Him???

He remained so close… closer than humanity could have ever expected… He moved amongst us, almost like one among… while Being in everyone of us. He did it in His own inimitable style, even excelling His preceding ‘Descends’.

Deliberating on the Divine Descend, strolling down ‘historylane’, down to the ages, we are aware that, Lord Sri Rama’s descend in the Treta gifted mankind with the sacred ‘Ramayana’, a Sacred Lore That runs into eternity, encapsulating the summum bonum of Supreme Truth. …And Lord Sri Krishna’s descend in the Dwapara presented us with the sacred ‘Mahabharata’, again a glorious spiritual marvel encapsulating the Supreme Wisdom… and there born the Song Celestial Bhagavad Gita, The Divine Treatise for everyone in all the worlds.

Human history is replete with Godly ‘advents’, advents full of Supreme Love, Supreme Compassion… packed with tales of Ultimate Wisdom…

Every single act of Him, be it as Lord Rama… Lord Krishna or Sri Sathya Sai, bore indefinite significance… and thus definitely has His ‘final act’ of disappearance as well…

Let’s leave it for Him alone to answer… for, human understanding is just a mere spark of His Almighty Effulgence Supreme… It is only when the Jeevatma makes an attempt to realise its irrefutable connection, irresistable bondage with the Paramatma, The Suprme Brahmam, that, perhaps the little ‘i’ will get a glimpse of that secret. Until then, when we tread the path towards ‘Prasanthi’, let’s remind ourselves yet again, of the most beautiful Divine act of Sathya Sai Darshan – The Beauty Beyond Compare…

Oh! Lord, The thoughts that flit through the mind upon viewing Thy Beloved Form, makes me realize that Thou Art that vital shade that soothes and refreshes even as life represents scorching rays of the Sun…Yet, when no longer visible, can we fathom what we have lost or comprehend what we have received or gained…?”

The time that was to follow, the unfolding of His Divine plan and what necessitated it, was and is known only to The Beloved One…the unreserved shock, utter anguish and deep pain felt as He chose to hitherto withdraw the Cherished Form, could be overcome only by the downpour and surge of love His very Name brings forth.  As Beloved Bhagawan gave that most loving, lingering, everlasting, decisive and significant erstwhile darshan as yet, He made all know – You are never alone but God’s very own.

Come, join in, reminisce, recall, relive and seek an encore, of that ultimate public darshan thus far, of the Formless Supreme. Listen to your heart – envisage creatively and receive wholeheartedly.

…and before we close let’s remind ourselves what He Himself taught us:

The play is His, The role is His gift, The lines are written by Him… He directs, He decides the dress and decoration, the gesture and the tone, the entrance and the exit.  You have to act well to receive His approbation. When the curtain falls earn by your efficiency and enthusiasm, the right to play higher and higher roles…that is the meaning and purpose of life.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II