Celebrating His Presence, in His Presence…

He Is The Only Truth That ever existed, now and forever…and thus the supreme significance of His Presence – Sai Sannidhi. Today is Sai Sannidhi Day in Prasanthi Nilayam. The forum of former students turned staff members celebrate this day to rejoice, reminisce and bask in the unmatched glory of Sri Sathya Sai, in Whose Love they are blessed to glow as shining stars, as His instruments.

‘You have touched me and thus I have grown” – this turned out to be the tone and tenor of the colourful evening, when the students lined up at the podium, narrating, expressing and then collectively singing the saga of the Supreme Bond Of Love, unmatched ever in the history of mankind and in His Story.

Mind has to follow the Atma Rama in perfect harmony, recounted Sai Giridhar Sai Ram, a Research Scholar at SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus, setting the distinct mood for the evening’s colourful proceedings. Elaborating on the theme, quoting Bhagawan in the context of a dialogue with students, Sai Giridhar spelt out the three distinct characteristics of Sai Sannidhi members – be true to the Atma Rama within, never be satisfied serving Sai Rama and be content with whatever Swami gives.

As the session continued, stories flowed on with lessons galore for the next hundred minutes. While Shivasankar Sai, Rameshwar Prusty, Deepak Anand and Ruchir Desai spoke about the greater lessons learned at His Feet in Kodaikanal, Bhargav and Tara Shankar shared their perspective and experience on ‘waiting’ and ‘joining’ at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. ‘To be like the lotus, hollow, without imperfections…’ reminded Bhargav, currently employed at the Administrative block of SSSIHL, sharing his perceptions about working for Bhagawan in His institutions. Tara Shankar, speaking next, sought to express his feelings through music. He then strummed his guitar, breaking into ab alluring “Shyama Sundara… Hey Sai Sundara…” in his soft, lilting tone.

B. Shivakumar, Asst. Professor in Chemistry, narrated a beautiful personal experience, as to how a fatal accident in his life turned out to be a blessing in disguise, allowing him to experience the completeness of Bhagawan’s love. Beautiful analogies with precious insights by Sai Kiran and Karthik from SSSIHMS, Whitefield followed next, before Sathyajith took over summarizing the proceedings.

In his closing remarks, Sathyajith highlighted the three S’s, Synchronicity, Service, Satisfaction, as being the essential characteristic every Sai Sannidhi member should imbibe. Speaking with great conviction, the speaker shared some of the beautiful moulding lessons he had at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. To be able to give the bliss of satisfaction to the Lord is the greatest boon we have, echoed the grateful speaker reminiscing on the golden opportunity of being His instruments. Others who participated in the live proceedings were Harishankar from SSSCT and Siddhartha from SSSIHL, who shared their priceless lessons and outlooks, learnt at the hallowed Prasanthi precincts.

The session was interspersed with beautiful songs, solos and group songs – reflections of the Bond Of Love.

Bhajans continued and the session came to a close with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II