Dhai Akhar Prem Ka – a drama on Kabirdas…

Kabirdas was neither a Muslim nor a Hindu, yet he was both and beyond. Depicting the mystic life and teachings of the 15th century celebrity Saint and Divine poet of India, Sant Kabirdas, Sai Youth from Rajasthan presented a Hindi Musical Dance Drama entitled “Dhai Akhar Prem Ka”, last evening here, in Prasanthi Nilayam. The presentation formed part of a three-day Parthi Yatra by the Rajasthan Sai contingent.

The drama in a nutshell presented the enigma of Kabirdas, beginning with his mysterious early life covering incidents until his equally mysterious final exit, stressing on the great ideals and teachings he stood for.

Passionately obsessed with the Nirakara Brahmam as Atma Rama, Sant Kabirdas was always in constant contemplation of the first ever mantra he received ‘inadvertently’ from his chosen ‘guru’ Ramanandji. Opposing the idea of religion and its limited views, Kabir soon became a puzzling pain in the rather orthodox society that had subscribed to religious fanaticism loaded with customs and rituals. Nonchalant as he was, Kabir moved with both Hindus and Muslims at ease, acting at his will. Fighting societal evils and orthodoxy, he enlightened the world around him about the ‘veil’ of the mind that blocked them from God. With equal dexterity he questioned the authenticity of Idol Worship… rebelled against the Ramadan fast, raising his loud voice, preaching – Work Alone Is Worship and Responsibility Becomes One’s Dharma.

To religiously fanatic, close-hearted men around, he said, ‘Love is my religion…it was and ever will be… That Is my Ram… That is my Allah…” Truly, Kabirdas’s teachings go parallel with that of Bhagawan’s – “There is only one Religion, the Religion of Love”.

The final episode depicted the enigmatic final exit of the Saint. When the Saint left his mortal coil, Hindus and Muslims equally fought for his ‘final’ rights. Solving this final ‘riddle’ of religious intolerance, a miracle ensued, and when the veil covering his mortal coil was removed, there was nothing except a heap of flowers. He became one with his Atma Rama.

Kabir Dohas, his famous compositions, served to embellish the beautiful enlightening presentation.

Earlier, the session commenced at 1650 hrs with an address by Dr Manoj Batra, Vice President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations – Rajasthan. God Is the one and only Friend, Who comes to His devotees’ rescue even at the most unexpected times. With a couple of beautiful illustrations from his personal diary, a Chemistry Professor from Rajasthan reiterated this truth, further speaking about the need of the hour, to spread the message of Bhagawan across the section/society and masses. Briefly touching upon the efforts of the State Sai Organisation in augmenting the area of its ‘dharmic’ influence, taking the message to every single district in the State, Dr Batra then introduced the ensuing three-day Parthi Yatra schedule.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi at 1830 hrs.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II