Parthi Prays…

Crucial days ahead of the most crucial moment in April 2011… 20th and 21st April found an upsurging wave of devotional frenzy in and around Puttaparthi, seeking and beseeching, pleading and praying for His Supreme mercy…. to return to His normal Self… from the archives of our reports for 20th and 21st April, 2011.

20th April

This evening it was clearly a play of rain and reign…the natural elements were openly lending their support to the persistent pledge of prayers, by not only the residents of Parthi, but devotees all over the world, in whose hearts Beloved Bhagawan reigned supreme. The roar of thunder fueled the storm of devotion in every heart, the gusty winds carrying their devoted fervor echoing into the ether, only to mingle with fresh wisps of adoration throughout the planet.

The rain did not dampen the will of Parthi but delivered their spirits into the realm where the benevolent, limitless One reigned absolute.

Prayers, a myriad chants, devotional hymns, continued in respective homes and temple complexes. Some took rounds, circumambulating the shrine while others did surround the deity with adulation. From offering garlands made up of betel leaves to Hanumanji, seemingly asking him to carry their message to Sai Rama, to festoons of fragrant flowers, devotees continued their efforts to woo their dear Lord.

Keeping in mind the whimsical, fathomless and mysterious ways of the One, Who sat under the Neem tree in Shirdi, it appeared to them, that the same mystifying, inexplicably mystical phenomenon had been carried forward into Parthi. Erring humanity had to be taught lessons that would wake them up from their slumber.

They had made a firm choice – Ours is not to question why… ours is but to follow Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. And so it was, that the towering crusade of their trust, faith, love and hope was not to be overcome or disturbed by the tiresome tirade of tattered tongues.

21st April

As the evening gradually got enveloped by velvet dusk, devotees flocked to the various temples to propitiate the deities. There was a synchronized pealing of bells from all the temples. Sathyamma looked ever radiant accepting offerings of flowers, fruits and colourful glass bangles. Dressed in dark green silk with a pink border, Her hair was adorned with fresh blossoms and dazzling ornaments, while many an appeal was being whispered in Her ears.

Along with the daily worship, which was ever fresh and fragrant and never a ritual or routine, Parthi was diving into the memories of days following the spectacular divine dawn that heralded the advent of the Avatar. A reminiscing that not only refreshed many a wondrous saga that had been witnessed, but rejuvenated faith and hope, as limitless were the miracles that every heart and household had experienced.

The innumerable acts of care, concern and compassion of ‘tiny’ Sathya; the knowledge, wisdom, insight and understanding of their ‘little’ Raju; the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent acts of their Beloved Swami resounding through the globe, beyond space and time made them realize they were face to face with God – and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was He.

This was the dwelling that the Lord chose for His advent. He chose to be the cherished ‘Son’ of Parthi. No, not a palace as in Treta, or as the ‘Prince’ among the cowherds in Dwapara, not even the royal household chosen during the time of Buddha…for the much awaited sunrise for this dark age of Kali, He chose a humble hamlet, obscure and hitherto unknown…soon to be considered most sacrosanct.

And so Parthi realizes that this jolt out of the blue, from the Infinite to the finite was to shake awake slumbering humanity steeped in sloth.

The Lord chose this humble hamlet and with His charming ways became its most cherished Soul. The hardships He faced as He ‘grew’ – walking for miles to reach a school; carrying water in pots attached to the two ends of a stick, which left His tender shoulders bruised; extreme paucity of medical facilities, later led to free Educational Institutes, innumerable Water Projects and Super Speciality Hospitals, besides other acts too numerous to mention, that became His benediction to humanity at large.

Through the examples of little Sathya’s life, Parthi learnt that man can learn how to elevate his destiny and ascend to a higher way of living and being.

Knowing that sensationalism and speculations led to strife; irrational thought, reckless talk and irresponsible reporting led to distress, disharmony and a display of immaturity, and that aggressive accusations belonged to devious, disgruntled minds…Puttaparthi decided to –’put apart I’ and follow the ways of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II