The You Inside Of You Is Waiting For You

25th March 2011, the Divine Chariot cruised along on a carpet of adoration that distinctly flowed from every heart that had gathered in Sai Kulwant Hall that evening, for a glimpse of God. All necks craned to view this most adored form. Awe, exultation and deep reverence did exude forth embracing the ever loving and living God. This exhibition of ‘The Beauty Beyond Compare’ is chronicled as ‘The Ultimate Darshan – Thus Far”. Commemorating the momentous moment that has no parallel, as one more 25th March approaches, Sri Jullie Chaudhuri taks her devotional imagination recapitulating the ‘The Incomparable Beauty Of The Beauty Beyond Compare.

Friday, 25th March 2011.
7.15 pm.

As the Lord’s divine chariot was gently manoeuvred through the hushed spellbound host of devotees…none were aware as regards the heartrending sequence of events that the Beloved One had decided to determine determinedly. Certainly this crucial decision would have a stunning impact and lead to shattering tremors…heartrending for those who adored Him to the exclusion of all else.
No one in that congregation or those tuning in from elsewhere the globe over, had even a tiny, wee bit inkling, not even an iota of an iota of an inkling that this was to be the last public darshan hitherto. None were given a peek into the script of the Supreme Script Writer and Director…for His Cosmic Leela was and is based on the shimmering waves of trust, faith, patience and surrender…and those who yearned to be a part of it needed to sift, wrench and pull apart any lacklustre, unrequired, unnecessary, ‘excess-baggage’ habits, characteristics, biases and attitude.

What He ultimately chose to inflict upon His Divine Frame…
…for the ultimate benefit and upliftment of the human race…
…is completely beyond any mortal mind to understand…
…or even try to appreciate, gauge, interpret or unravel,
For sure,
…even if one tries to do so…it will remain as mere conjecture.

Of the Universe He is the Cause…He dictates the Decrees and the Codes of the Cosmos…and the Flawless One is beyond any laws…thus, there is none in the created world to decipher His Pause. Sovereign, Indomitable, Almighty is His Resolve and Will.
Still, not getting darshans of the enchanting Physical Form always remains an inexplicable tug, a gnawing unignorable soreness…an incalculable loss that nothing or no one can recompense…which even time does respect…feeling helpless it cannot help heal…it then attempts to help us deal…depending upon our prayerful implore…bringing along many a sweet caress of the Precious One’s omnipresent largesse…opening up episodes, events that wondrously connects and bequeaths an everlasting endorse.

When we begin to see Bhagawan in everything around us…the visible, the invisible; the sentient, the insentient…when we bless ourselves to feel Him in that soothing wisp of the breeze…or the playful whisper of rustling leaves upon the trees; the dazzling sun rays or the reflection of playful moonbeams upon the ocean waves; the tinkle of some far off temple bells or the mystical sea sound in conch shells; in that wonderful dawn, the soft hues of a sunrise or the spectacular sunsets where each one is a distinct surprise; in those that doubt or those devout; those versatile or those that never smile…in the vulnerable cry of a newborn whether in the humankind or the wild…when awareness arises that in every being…winged, finned, two legged or four…it is Mother Sai Who revels at each one’s core…we commence to manifest the ‘You inside of you…the Me inside of me…the Us inside of us…the Sai beyond the i…’ and thus we comprehend that darshans never end…

It is that moment now…to rise, arise…to the You within…the Truth within…for the You inside of you is brimming and waiting…for you…to then spill into everything around you.

Come, dear ones…sweet children of Mother Sai…through the intensification of ‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu…’…through the review and the re-evaluated view of harmonious kindred oneness, let us expressly manifest darshans anew…surge on…soar high with Beloved Sai…revel in a timeless avenue…eternally in a sublime rendezvous. Let us manifest that miracle…let us manifest darshans anew.

II Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu II