Grand Finale Of The Spiritual Retreat On FaithLift…

The 4-day Spiritual Retreat on the theme FaithLift with the slogan ‘May The Source Be My Force’ by Zone 4A/4B Young Adults of SSIO culminated this evening in Prasanthi Nilayam marked by a speech, presentation of camp resolution and a drama offering on the theme ‘FaithLift – Let The Source Be My Force‘.

The final session commenced at 1700 hrs with regular Rudram chanting, offered today by the Young Adults. Addressing the august assembly on the occasion Zone 4A Chair Sri Amar Karki from Nepal stressed on the importance of practicing the 4 F’s of Bhagawan, essential for a successful life. Offering profuse gratitude to Bhagawan, but for Whose Blessings the Retreat would not have been possible, the speaker advised the YA’s to lift their faiths in serving every human being with love and compassion. After the ABC of Bhagawan, that is Avoiding Bad Company, now it is our turn to DEFG, ‘Don’t Ever Forget God’.

Camp Resolutions were presented next jointly by Bros. Dr Sathya Rao Jogulu and Dr. Jegadeesan Thanesh Kumar. To have you is to follow Your teachings Swami and we pledge to follow You, announced the YA’s, by tackling the 6-vices or Arishadvargas.

A drama presentation on the theme ‘May The Source Be My Force’, the Retreat Slogan, next by the YA’s reflected the learning curve that the YA’s experienced during the 4-Day Retreat. Four Young Adults on their way back to their respective countries following the retreat discussed the ‘take-away’ pointers from the Retreat, discussing points in detail. The final episode involving Lord Krishna, Arjuna and a mother sparrow turned out to be a ‘sailent’ reminder of absolute surrender. The Lord never misses His mark, nor He ever misses to save the one who never misses Him. Faith is all about ‘letting go and letting GOD’ and ‘Now It Is Time For Action’ declared the YA’s, as with the ‘take-away’ pointers at the Retreat, they are resolved for a new beginning, a beginning into the world of Sai, an inner journey.

The Retreat that was opened on 14th May at the Sai Kulwant Hall had several session over the past four days well decorated with enlightening speeches, workshops, panel discussions, Zone ‘Olympic’ Games or ‘Zonalympics’, etc. Keynote addresses on the 4 F’s of Bhagawan, Follow The Master, Face The Devil, Fight To The End, Finish The Game were delivered by Dr Amey Deshpande, Prof (Dr) Suresh Govind, Prof Gangadhara Sastry (panel discussion) and Sri Sanjay Sahni respectively.

Bhajans by the YA’s followed next and the session ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II