What Is Spiritual(ity)?

What is  spiritual(ity) has always been a question with million-dollar complexities. Man, in his folly to judge anything and everything often mistakes himself defining ‘spiritual’ to his sweet convenience.  As one moves forward in the earthly terrain called life, tuning in, facing the oddities face off with deep trust within, he understands the true meaning of spirituality, that life in its entirety becomes ‘spiritual’. Read on…

Bhagawan once materialised a very expensive diamond studded Mont Blanc pen for one of the senior devotees of Prasanthi Nilayam. This devotee safeguarded it as a treasure and used the pen once a day for writing his daily introspection journal and he would do this writing before going to bed. One day while on a usual Ashram ‘stroll’ Bhagawan visited the devotee and asked to return the pen . The devotee said, he treasures the pen and makes effort to safeguard it as he uses the same for the spiritual activity of dedicating his introspections in writing to Beloved Bhagawan.

Swami’s reply was… “Bangaru, just the half-an-hour you write to Me alone is not ‘spiritual’… Everything in this world is ‘spiritual’.”

Everything in the world is material, could be one way to see the world. Everything in the world is spiritual is another way of seeing the world. How the world responds to you is not dependent on the world but on how you see the world.

“You will find, upon self examination, that the faults you see in others are in you. When you correct yourself, the world becomes correct.” – Sri Sathya Sai

And so the saying “Jaise drishti waise srishti”…”As is the vision, so is the creation”, “Drishti Gyanmayi Kritwa Pashyed Harirey Jagat”…” Fill your sight with wisdom and you would see the whole world pious.”

How you see the world makes no difference to the world but makes all the difference to you. Is it not?

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II