25th Mar 2011 – Last Darshan,Thus Far…

He Is The Lord Supreme, Who, Out Of Sheer ‘Love For Love’ resolved once to manifest in a human frame, transcending from The Infinite to the finite, at His sheer Will. Then He chose to walk among the earthly clan of humans, gliding past men and women of devotion, touching their hearts and souls many for a long eight and a half-decade, engaging the planet with His Pure Love! Looking back in time, can we spare a moment at least delving on the infinite boon that He has passed on to us, you and me and the world at large, bringing in HimSelf in His most adorable Beauty Beyond Compare human frame, as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai?!? What greater bliss could there be to ask for, than having The Infinite Essence amidst us in His hallowed human frame?!? Let’s ever remain Grateful!…Grateful!!…Grateful!!!

25th March 2011, the Divine Chariot cruised along on a carpet of adoration that distinctly flowed from every heart that had gathered in Sai Kulwant Hall that evening, for a glimpse of The Lord Supreme. All necks craned to view this Most Adored Form. Awe, exultation and deep reverence did exude forth embracing the ever-loving and living Godhood in human frame.

Oh! Lord, The thoughts that flit through the mind upon viewing Your Beloved Form, makes me realize that You Are that vital shade that soothes and refreshes even as life represents scorching rays of the Sun…Yet, when no longer visible, can we fathom or acknowledge what have we lost or comprehend/assess what have we received or gained…?”

The time that was to follow, the unfolding of His Divine plan and what necessitated it, was and is known only to the Beloved One…the unreserved shock, utter anguish and deep pain felt as He chose to hitherto withdraw the Cherished Form, could be overcome only by the downpour and surge of love His very Name brings forth.

As Beloved Bhagawan gave that most loving, lingering, everlasting, decisive and significant erstwhile Darshan as yet, He made all know – You are never alone but God’s very own… In fact, He silently whispers to the collective ear of humanity, that He Is The EverLasting OneNess!

Come, join us in as Prasanthi Nilayam reminisces and recalls that ultimate public Darshan of The Beloved Supreme, thus far.

Prasanthi scripted a beautiful Darshan story this evening with Bhagawan emerging at 1915 hrs, coming for two full rounds of Darshan.

Completing the usual first round, Bhagawan soon moved into the ladies’ block again, continuing with a bonus round of Darshan. With Bhagawan stopping at the ‘primary school block’, the tiny tots had a wonderful time, feasting the ‘All-Loving…All-Encompassing Beauty’ gliding past.  The little ones literally swarmed around Bhagawan’s car holding aloft greetings vying for His attention.  One after one, each one of them sought blessings from Bhagawan before He moved into the ladies’ side, granting the bonus round of Darshan. A group from Alike, Muddenahalli institutions also received Bhagawan’s special attention during the round.

Coming on stage at 1930 hrs, Bhagawan sat for the next half-an-hour and bhajans turned intense. With Bhagawan joining, giving finger beats in between, the session turned out to be a delectable treat for the august assembly in the twilight.

Just two minutes short of 2000 hrs, Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi. Even as the Arathi was coming to an end, Bhagawan turned into a blessing mood, blessing the assembly profusely with double hand abhayahastha. Post the Arathi, before leaving the dais, once again His blessing right Palm went up, blessing the assembly again with Abhayahastha.

Soon Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 2005 hrs, retiring for the day.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II