A Passionate Prayer From A Devout Heart

At a time when the planet earth is facing a global pandemic threat via the dreaded coronavirus, devotees all the world are into a sadhana of prayers to our All-Mighty Lord Supreme, Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai. Inspired from within, we have received a sincere prayer from a heart full of love and devotion, from far of Wellington, New Zealand, invoking Beloved Bhagawan’s love and compassion to help the whole of creation during this testing phase. A prayer from Ms Revathi Sundar, Wellington, New Zealand.  

Listen to the audio file here: A Passionate Prayer To Beloved Bhagawan

Om Sri SaiRam! Om Sri Sai Vaidyo Narayana Hari! Om Sri Sai Sathya Sai Dhanwandhariye Namaha! 

Our Most Beloved Swami, The Avatar Of All Ages, The Supreme Lord Of The Universe Is The Divine Doctor, The Divine Healer, The Doctor Of All Doctors!!!

In the wake of this illness, this contagious infection called coronavirus, that which is spread almost all the countries in this globe, all through, it is a very tough situation for all of us to handle, emotionally as well as physically at times, and it can put a lot of stress into our day to day life as well. But let’s pray and believe with conviction that our Swami has the Ultimate Power and He has the Supreme Control over all of His creation.

It is His creation over which He has the Ultimate Powers and Control and our Bhagawan Is filled with Love… He Is made up of Love. And to the Supreme Compassionate Bhagawan, may we pray to Him with Love, with Devotion, with utmost Faith and Trust and with complete Surrender that, may His Love, may His Compassion, may His Light spread all over the globe, all through this universe removing wiping off and eradicating this so called coronavirus and any other contagious infection, illnesses, sicknesses, sorrow, poverty all that is capable of inflicting pain to the human race and to any other species. May we all pray in Oneness, as One, in complete total Trust, Faith and Surrender at His Lotus Feet.

May we ask our Beloved Swami to completely heal everyone, all those who are already afflicted by this infection and may He help prevent the further spread of this infection to anyone who is not affected yet.

Let them experience complete, total safety and freedom from this and any other contagious disease or infection.

Let us have our Faith and Trust in our Beloved Bhagawan reassured, and His compassion knows no bounds, that we all know.

Lets pray to Him in unison that our Beloved Bhagawan spreads… let’s meditate upon and visualise that our Swami’s Light and Love spreads to every nook and corner of this globe, to every nation, into every continent and to every corner of all of nature, all of creation helping heal, clear all the negativity… all that is contagious,  all the pollutants all the negatives.

May His Light and Love, may His Compassion, Supreme Compassion remove, eradicate  and wipe off from the face of earth all negatives in any form and fill it with His ‘positive’ Love, His Supreme Compassion, His energising Love and Light. May we all pray to our Swami to help all of creation, not only the mankind, but all the species that may we all live in health, happiness and joy.’

May we all experience total complete healing at the body, mind and Atmic level and may we all say with gratitude choking us, choking our voices, may we all say, Thank You to our Beloved Swami, ‘ Thank You Swami, Love You Swami for all what You have been doing to us; help us always stay in Faith and Trust and in Total… Complete Surrender at Your Divine Lotus Feet.’

Listen to the audio file here: A Passionate Prayer To Beloved Bhagawan

II Jai SaiRam II