Empowering The Self

Illuminate, Elevate, Resurrect Humanity, Oh! 2020, Fulfil this cherished quest…Manifest Divinity…thus concluded our poetic greetings on the NY eve, wishing the whole of humanity a bright and prosperous 2020.

Subsequently, the Year 2020 took off and was having a smooth, comfortable ride in the first couple of months, not before the early signs of a looming threat, from a so-called disastrous coronavirus, started gaining substantial ground. The virus that had originated in a Chinese city soon started spreading over, finally ‘forcing’ and ‘enforcing’ itself to become a disastrous pandemic, something which neither the current generation nor any of the recent, preceding generations have ever witnessed or experienced.

The coronavirus that is not visible to the human eyes started dictating the human machinery and mechanism, asking the most intelligent species on the planet to dance to its dictating tunes, and the result was a virtual ‘global lockdown’, with a leading share of human populace opting to stay indoors, practising ‘social distancing’.

For the fraternity of Sri Sathya Sai devotees, the whole happening was something similar to the mysterious March-April episode of 2011, with Bhagawan enacting one of His most mysterious Divine Sports, literally inviting the devotees and humanity at large to LOVE HIS UNCERTAINTY.

Hearts many, individually and in unison, sacrosanct Prasanthi Nilayam, both inside and outside that included the streets in hallowed Puttaparthi, and the fraternity the world over joined in unison then, praying, pleading, beseeching and entreating Him, to bail HimSelf out of His ‘own’ Divine script. Finally came the jolt on the 24 April 2011 morning, with Beloved Bhagawan moving on from His physical frame, leaving the whole of creation into a mystery loop, forcing and enforcing to LOVE HIS UNCERTAINTY.

Come March this year, when the humanity is back in the trails of suffering from a traumatic pandemic that is demanding a global toll, leaving it into the hands of an uncertain future, how do we go about, moving on, surviving the scare? …and thus reverting to our opening prayer during the commencement of the year, to help to illumine, elevating and resurrecting humanity?

The answer for the above is clear and distinct… that we need to develop in our trust and faith in our Beloved Bhagawan that, if alone one believes Him, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai to be The God Supreme Incarnate, or be it in any Name or Form, then, he or she has no room for anymore worries. He should then move on eschewing all concerns, worries and fear, embracing courage and wisdom, listening to His constant Divine Whisper of Divine Assurance that comes with crystal clarity – ‘Why Fear When I Am Here’, moving on practising His precept. This becomes his essential act of gratitude to The Supreme Source n’ Force, That came down as Personification of Love Supreme – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai.

When he moves on in this path, he will soon realise that any so-called threat or disaster that looms large over him, at an individual, societal, national or global level, is nothing but a blessing in disguise, a loud warning from The Cosmic Creator for him and the humanity at large to race back to the original roots, leaving behind the lost ways, practising loving discipline coupled with diligent devotion.

When almost the whole of humanity is currently under a quarantine period of lockdown, devotees in God should, at this specified point in time, be able to take it from a positivist’s perspective, knowing that he is being quarantined from the murky and mushy world around, leaving his infamous ‘arishadvargas’ or the six vices, under complete lockdown. The six six-fold beasts that man has to eschew before claiming his original ‘Divine’ stardom are: are kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), Madha (pride), and matsarya (jealousy); the negative characteristics of which prevent man from attaining moksha or liberation. …And once man re-emerges out of this quarantined lockdown, he is coming afresh with a new birth, as a resplendent persona, as an empowered being, now in pursuit of his final stardom, The True Truth!

Is not this the ‘right’ time for him to remind himself of his true origin of ‘Amritasya Putra’, as reminded by Bhagawan quite often, that, he is by his true source, the son of immortality, having originated from the Supreme Divinity. Bhagawan’s first ever message of ‘Manasa Bhajare…’ serves a pointer to this True Truth of man, asking him to worship the SadhGuru within, Who Is none other than The True Divine Self within, the foremost of all the Gurus. The light of this SadhGuru within lights up the whole of the universe, creation at large and it is with the light of his own Self that man is able to see, view, experience the creation around, including his own self.

So, pandemic or any so-called disastrous event, for the fraternity of ‘Amritasya Putra’ nothing should ever matter, for he is ever bound to his True Truth…as is the river that long travels only to merge in the mighty ocean, leaving no trace of individuality. Where life becomes a game, that he is bound to play with sporting spirit, let him be armed with courage and wisdom, surging on, meeting up with the challenge that life presents in various formats. Rightly Bhagawan taught us that, Life Is A Game – Play It…and Life Is A Challenge, Meet It. When he does this in diligent fashion, he will be guided to the advanced realm to Realise The Dream Of Life vide the tool of Love!!!

Back to the starting point, our wishful, hopeful prayer on the NY eve, lovingly penned by Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, let’s, in the wake of this global pandemic coronavirus episode, remind ourselves once again without fail… reminding us rhyming with the below given thought- provoking lines…

Oh! 2020…as with everything and each atom…

Your Source too is The Cosmic Heart,

Thus, what messages do you hold in store?

Will each human being know his core…

…to be Divine and Godly?

Let the above poetic quest be our joint quest from within, today and in the eternal now…the quest from every single heart, asking himself or herself, reminding the self to Become n’ Be!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II