Of Whom All Scriptures Speak

The beauty of His Form, the grace of His demeanour, and the supreme bliss of His ‘Beauty Beyond Compare’ Darshan – are beyond any human expression… a million feelings arise from hearts many, rejoicing in Supreme Bliss of His Darshan, Of Whom All Scriptures Speak… a poem from Denise Eversole, Santa Barbara. 

With fiery tremor, my heart sighs His Name
Silent, scarcely with breath, in profound rapture,
He appears …All the sweetness of the World
in One tiny Form!
Graceful as a dancer, He approaches.

No… My Lord!
Look not into my eyes
for, I am unprepared
for such Beatitude.
I’m too full.
You’ve filled my being,
with your Divine Presence.

Ah. But, near me, He stands, He­—
around Whom my very Soul revolves.
His Feet press the rose petals strewn
in tribute along His Path.
Tears of joy trace rivulets
down my cheeks;
suppressed sobs
knock at my lungs.
I gaze
at His Face;
every caress of my gaze
a fervent prayer
“Sathya Sai Baba”
“Sathya Sai Baba.”
What prayer, more sublime, could I utter?

Small is His Form,
yet, mighty in manner is this
unassuming Lord.
Serenely He walks,
among the adoring, the doubtful,
the sincere, the sceptic, bestowing
His Grace, like sunlight, on all.

Upturned faces—
demanding, imploring, weeping, expectant,
complacent, desperate,
from all direction, they come,
across the globe, to see, to earn, to learn.
Most do not know; some think they know;
who knows?

This Radiant Font of Goodness and Beauty
is God in human form.
This is He, surely, of Whom all scriptures speak.
He moves among the people; tender as a mother’s is that Face,
He pinches the chubby cheek of a child; He holds an old man’s hand,
sacred ashes appear in His palm to heal the old woman there.
Each heart is known to Him
Every wish finds its answer through Him.
In Him, all journeys end; all destinations merge!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II