The Way Forward In Sai…

Infinitely blessed with a priceless life sojourn, knowing the Truth of  Sri Sathya Sai being The Supreme Incarnate, how do we go about leading our lives?  Lucas Ralli’s book  ‘Sai Messages For You & Me’ serves a guiding pointer here, for you and me.

There are two ways to live your life. One is the usual way, a life related entirely to the material plane and everything within it. Such a life leads you along an endless oath and can never bring true satisfaction or happiness. Whatever you may gain on the way, money, possessions, position, power, prestige, will be of no lasting value, for all such things have no meaning, relevance or value when the journey comes to an end.

The other way is to live your life with an unshakeable awareness of the presence of God, and of your own reality.

The two ways are like two sides of a coin. However, instead of tossing the coin at random, you are free to make your own choice.

There is only one way forward in Sai, the way to God. Sai is not a movement; Sai is God. Do not try to become teachers because “God” cannot be taught.

The way ahead is through living a life which is a perfect example of God manifesting HimSelf in human form. You yourselves must strive to become living examples and then other people will begin to take notice and start following the same path.

Sai does not advertise, except through the examples of His own children who have surrendered to Him and become beacons of love and light in this troubled world.

That is the choice which faces all of you. It is the ultimate challenge, to give up attachment to the material and turn to the spiritual. When that time comes, the desires and attachments will slowly fall away as you begin to follow the teachings of Sai and put them into practice in your daily lives. That is the way to help humanity.

What are you trying to achieve? Union with God. Union exists now for all of you, for there is nothing in the world other than God. But that union is masked by materialism and concealed by the body with all its endless desires. The bodily desires must be neutralised so that they become the servants, not the master.

Learn to cleanse the body so that it can serve the purpose for which it was created, a vehicle for the spirit, for Divinity, a vehicle which can carry you forward to the very threshold when you merge with God. Then the body can be put to rest for ever more.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II