This evening Bhagawan granted one of the shortest darshan sessions. Emerging at 1905 hrs. in the car, even as Bhagawan arrived on the Verandah outside the Interview Room, He blessed a veteran devotee calling him unto the car to bless him with Vibhuti Prasadam. Remaining in, Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi and with Arathi on, offered jointly by the priest and the senior devotee as commanded by Bhagawan, Bhagawan’s car moved further, cutting across the lower verandah, moving into the gents’ side. Sai Kulwant Hall had a packed audience and as Bhagawan’s car moved at a snail’s pace, taking a ‘reverse’ round, devotees at the gents’ side went into a frenzy repeating the refrain, “Jai Bolo…” in devotional fervour. At the ladies’ side Bhagawan blessed many lucky ones from the Primary School tossing Vibhuti packets, as He moved past.