When science was blessed!

When ‘waiting’ turned out to become ‘penance for His lordly entry’, Prasanthi experienced the bliss of a longer spell of bhajans, invoking and awaiting The Lord, today, here on this weekend evening. Celestial rhythms of bhajans emanated in soulful tunes was overlaid with great devotional fervour and Prasanthi revelled in the opportunity of the extended hour, invoking her Lord. Bhagawan made His entry at 2015 hrs. and went for a full round of darshan.

The large gathering in the evening has been reinforced by the outgoing contingent of sevadals from the state of Kerala. Adding to this was the Primary School children, showing up on their Sunday Darshan Special.

Bhagawan’s ‘slow-going’ round found hundreds upon thousands, in their devotional frenzy, vying for a closer glance. As He moved through the students’ block, Bhagawan blessed the day’s birthday beneficiaries at the boys side followed by His special attention at the Primary block. He further moved into the ladies’ side, for an ‘extra mile’, a regular feature these days, that has formed part of His ‘full round’ of Darshan.

Ascending the dais at 2035 hrs. Bhagawan got into attending to devotees’ letters and bhajans rose in an exuberant swell filling the packed assembly with powerful vibrations.

Upon finishing the letters, Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi at 2055 hrs. Even as Bhagawan sat glancing at the students post Arathi offering, +2 students of higher secondary wing made a beeline unto Him seeking blessings with their computer science projects. Bhagawan, with atmost love and compassion, leafed through the project records, and quite interestingly, was seen passing comments and suggestions in between. At the end Bhagawan also blessed the teacher in-charge of the Computer Science Department at the School.

The day was not over yet. A group of students turned up with a huge greeting that was followed by a couple of birthday blessings. Finally it was the turn of a boy who had a prayer, whispered into His ear. Bhagawan’s actions are ‘awe-intersting’ and a treat to watch. Our Lord, in a swift response to the prayer, removed the boy’s spectacles to bless his closed eyes with His tender finger touch! Lo! it was a sight to see as not very often we get to watch such rare actions in public, a demonstration of God’s Motherly Love! Bhagawan blessed the boy profusely, spraying yellow rice that was followed by a short interaction.

It was 2125 hrs. and Bhagawan left the dais into the interview room. Emerging at 2130 hrs. Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram, retiring for the day.