This forenoon, at around 1130 hrs., Bhagawan emerged from Yajur Mandiram driving beyond the gates for a round of the township. Bhagawan returned to the Ashram in an hour time, through the western gate of Prasanthi Nilayam.

When Bhagawan is the Force and Source, a day in Prasanthi Nilayam is defined by ‘His Moves’. The day when He comes out with a blooming smile, spend ample time around, is ‘the day’ in every one’s imagination.

On this Holy Thursday evening, after an initial buzz just after 6 o’ clock, Bhagawan arrived at 1840 hrs. going for a usual round. Unlike other days, there were intermissions, with Bhagawan stopping to interact and bless in between. A visiting group of devotees from ‘Anakapalle-Vijayawada’ also got His attention as Bhagawan chose to stop at the gents’ side to listen to this group members.

After completing the round, as is His wont, Bhagawan moved into the ladies’ side. To everyone’s pleasant surprise, He went further, this time going for a bonus round! After this second round, Bhagawan returned to verandah from the aisle at the gents’ side. The ‘Anakapalle – Vijayawada’ group in blue got His attention once again during the bonus round.

Even as He got down from the car, a group of boys belonging to the 2003 batch was awaiting seeking approval for “Prema Bandham” during this weekend. Bhagawan blessed the boys before moving in to the bhajan hall.

After spending sometime around, talking to some, Bhagawan glid past the bhajan hall, exiting through the rear entrance. He chose to spent a while listening to two seniors, Prof. Anil Kumar and Prof. Veerabhadraiah, Telugu Editor of Sanathana Sarathi, before coming on stage.

His brief tenure on the stage evoked greater interest as Bhagawan showed keen interest to interact with boys. One of the lead pair of bhajan singers was called unto Him and Bhagawan freely interacted with the duo for some time. One of these boys had a black colour rosary which Bhagawan blessed and helped Himself, adorning the same on the boy’s neck. Lovingly Bhagawan stroked at the cheeks of the boys and the duo, with atmost humility, stood before The Lord receiving His bounty. Another boy who was having a big colour painting of Lord Subramanya, a paintng by him, was beckoned by Bhagawan. Bhagawan had a detailed look at the painting before passing some comments.

Even as He was blessing the boy with the painting, Bhagawn indicated for Mangala Arathi, at 1930 hrs. After Arathi as the ‘Jaikar invite’ rang in the air aloud, Bhagawan gestured at the boy, raising His hands to His ears, as if indicating, ‘loud piercing sound’. Everyone had a hearty laugh at His gesture.

In the brief pause that ensued, His blessed open palm moved up, waving in circular, followed by the Divine Act of scribbling in the air. He scribbled once again before indicating to leave.

The Lord leaves no prayer unanswered. Even as He took the turn to retire, He stopped for a while beckoning one of the Vedam boys, who was holding a letter. Calling the boy on to the dais Bhagawan interacted with Him for a while before showering His bouteous blessing. A brief interaction with one of the photographers followed.

It was time for Bhagawan to retire. Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram, at 1940 hrs.

With Shivarathri over and the month of March is advancing, early winds of summer is blowing in the township showing signs of yet another summer season. Though the mercury has just crossed the mid thirties, nevertheless it is a definite indication of a peaking summer ahead.