Kerala Music Programme

The sky was overcast this evening, but not to deter or dampen the spirit of ongoing Onam 2011 celebrations.

This evening, on the eve of Thiruvonam, there was a musical offering by Child Prodigy S. Mahadevan, a 12 year old from Kerala, who was fortunate to perform in many stages across the India. Beginning with the invocatory song Ekadantam Bhaje, the little artiste went on singing for the next 45 minutes, presenting six carnatic pieces.

Some of the other compositions rendered were Paripalayamam…, Sri Sathya Narayanam…, Peetambharam… etc. all sung with interludes of aalaaps presented with aplombl. The blooming artiste did excel bursting into lengthy aalaaps as interludes, in his tender voice, with great dexterity infusing life into the session.

The 45 minute session was followed by another rendering, a solo, by the familar artiste during many an Onam celebration over the decade, Music Director from Kerala Sri TS Radhakrishnan. Bhajans continued for the next ten minutes that ended with Subramaniam…Subramaniam in Bhagawan’s Own Golden Voice.

Artistes were felicitated with clothes and prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage before Mangala Arathi offering at 1800 hrs.

Thiruvonam, the day that is marked with the return of erstwhile emperor Mahabali, will be celebrated in Prasanthi Nilayam tomorrow. Over the years Prasanthi has seen many such live Onam sessions, where in, invariably, Bhagawan would address the devotees from the state with an initial vernacular greeting and reveling on the greatness of the emperor Mahabali.

We Wish Our Readers a Happy and Holy Thiruvonam 2011.