Dasara – Day 4

The second day of the Veda Purusha Sapthaha continued with all auspiciousness in the Poornachandra Hall from 0700hrs to 1200hrs. The students on a Prema Yajna of their own, continued the Grama Seva today covering 20 villages in Bukkapatnam Mandal.

The two speakers of the day were Sri Saurabh Kumar, a student of B. Com from the Brindavan Campus of the University and Dr. P.L. Rani, Asst. Prof of English in Anantapur Campus. Sri Saurab spoke on the 9 paths of Devotion and how Bhagawan has weaved all of them into the schedule of the students of His University so that the individual student me choose the one which takes him/her closest to The Lord.

Dr. Rani who started with an expression of her immense gratitude of the Lord, stated with the emphasis of personal experience, that Bhagawan is a living presence and not merely a memory. She spoke on the topic, the three S. The three S she said stands for Sri Sathya Sai, his response of Yes, Yes, Yes as reflection, reaction and resound and his life story Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram. When applied to the life of a student during Navarathri , it transforms into Service (Grama Seva), Sacrifice( Veda Purusha Yajna) and Satsang (Prasanthi Vidwan Mahasabha).

At the end of the above talks, excerpts from Bhagawan’s discourse on 21st Oct 2001 was played where in the Lord emphasised the need for children to learn the stories from India’s rich culture and history. He provided the chasm of difference between the ancient learning and current education by comparing the first learning of the children. In ancient India it started with ‘Aum Namah Sivaya’ and ‘Aum Namo Narayanaya’ where as in modern times it starts with ‘Ding Dong Bell, Pussy is in the Well’. Bhagawan said that He had high expectations from His students to revive the Ancient Indian Culture. Bhagawan went on the explain the meaning of culture and summarised it as Leading a Life of Character is Culture. Bhagawan ended the discourse with the Bhajan, “Prema Mudhitha Man Se Kaho…”

The discourse was followed by a music programme by the students of the Brindavan Campus of the University titled, “Prema Amrutham”. Interspersed with prayers the students started the programme with a rendition on Lord Ganesha, followed by a song on their Beloved Bhagawan, “Parthipuri Vihari”. A soft melody “Giridhara Naagara” followed next. The high point of the programme was the song “Durge Maa…” song with a perfect inter blending of swaras. The concert concluded with a Qawwali, “Tere Darbar Mein Hum Aaye Hain Aaj”. The students continued with Bhajans while Prasadam was distributed to all. Arati was offered at 1830hrs.