“Rama Raajyam Sai Samraajyam”, Drama by Tamil Nadu Balvikas and Youth

In the evening of October 7th , there was a Drama by the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, Tamilnadu entitled, “Rama Raajyam Sai Samraajyam” (The kingdom of Rama, The empire of Sai). The drama was preceded by a dance performance by children dressed colourfully in yellow and pink with the backdrop of a song encouraging us to listen to the sacred story of Ramayana.

The drama begins with the interaction of two alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning with two students of Indian origin from the United Kingdom who are ignorant about the Indian Culture.

Encouraged by the interest shown by their brothers from a distant land, the alumni narrate select episodes from the glorious legend of Lord Rama drawn from public discourses of Bhagawan and personal interviews granted to devotees. The alumni further stressed their indisputable link to the illustrious life of our beloved Bhagawan.

The drama ends with the alumni bringing their UK brothers to Prasanthi Nilayam which was shown interestingly through a video presentation on screen of Darshan granted by Bhagawan. The programme was followed by Bhajans. Safari clothes were offered to the participants. Prasadam was distributed to all.