Descent Of The Avatar… For The Ascent Of Man

Just a day left for the dawn of the D-Day, the Day that has distinguished itself from all other days, by welcoming The Almighty Lord with open arms, in His sojourn unto planet earth. When 23rd Nov. revisits us once again, how do we welcome the Day…and how do we celebrate the Advent…Come… let’s introspect and listen to our innermost sacred feelings, while gearing up to ‘celebrate’ yet another 23rd November…a poem by Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.

Janam Diya Tuney Sai Ko, Hum Pey Kiya Upkaar,
Eashwaramma Tera Sai Yug Yug Ka Avtaar…

We gather today to celebrate,
An incident beyond compare,
Fabulous and extraordinaire,
A Celestial, Star Spangled Event,
The magnificent Advent,
The Divine Birth,
Of the Avatar on Earth…

Can the finite mind,
Even begin to fathom,
The significance of an event of this magnitude?
Can anything stem the flow of gratitude,
For that invaluable benediction,
That ultimate reward,
That priceless opportunity,
Of being face to face with God…?

The One Whose brilliance,
Outshines the Sun,
Much more than a Zillion,
The One Who is the Source,
Of all Creation,
The Supreme Life Force,
Who gives life its vivacity,
Energy its vitality,
And the five elements its dynamism,
Who is of wisdom the most spectacular Prism,
Pervading and pulsating every atom,
The Universe through,
Keeper of the Cosmic Zoo,
Mysterious, enigmatic, fathomless,
The Formless chose a Form,
And did us profusely bless,

Oh! Let us hasten to engage,
Pledge to be befitting instruments,
Of the One,
Whom none can gauge,
A word of honour… with a vow to honour,
A decision sage,
Come, let us radiate the message,
Of the Avatar of this age…

From deep within the Beloved One did say -
…As My birth, for a start,
Celebrate that day,
When I am ‘born’ in Your heart…

And when exactly is Bhagawan born in our heart?

When the heart opens up to all things positive,
When with all sentient beings,
We do commence to live,
In a spirit of camaraderie,
Oh! A brotherhood promoting amity,
En masse solidarity, peace and harmony,
When Love births itself in the heart,
And the heart envelopes the mind,
Well refined and Divinely defined,
A transformation,
An expansion,
And we begin to include all beings,
In that ever expansive Circle of Pure Love,
Including all,
Excluding none,
No exception,
Come what may,
Sparkling forth as that special ray,
Truly ‘that’ is the exact time to say -
To the ever Blissful Eternal One,
“…Happy Birthday, Beloved Bhagawan…”

(Banner Image courtesy: The Week)