Music Concert by Sumitra Guha…

Kabir Das’s  composition ‘Moko Kahan Doondey Re Bande…Main to tere paas mein’… meaning, “Where do you search Me? I’m right here with you” echoed in Prasanthi Nilayam serving the right message for the assemblage of devotees reassuring Beloved Bhagawan’s unceasing  presence amidst us, this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

On the third day of the ongoing BirthdayCelebrations, this evening there was a Hindustani Vocal Concert by well-known vocalist and exponent of Indian Classical Music, Padma Shri Ms. Sumitra Guha.

A rare breed and champion proponent of Indian Classical Music around the world, Ms. Guha had an ealier stint in Prasanthi Nilayam, singing in Bhagawan’s physical presence in 2005. Her concerts are counted as ‘experiences’ that bear the stamp of exclusive musical devotion.

This evening, Ms. Guha began her concert  with her own composition on Lord Krishna “Kaise jaaun tumhare paas O Giridhari” in Raag Hamsadhwani, in Teen Taal, a prelude to a scinitillating hour of Hindustani devotional. Hailing from Andhra Pradesh the seasoned artiste chose to sing a Telugu Poem, a composition of Bhakta Kavi Pothana, “Mandara Makaranda Maadhuryamunadelu” that was followed by a Meera Bhajan, a favourite piece of Bhagawan, “  Kahan Kahan Jao Therey Saath…”.

The Kabir Vani ‘Moko Kahan Doondey Re Bande…Main to tere paas mein’ followed, sung with elan and great devotional feeling.  As her honeyed voice rendered the air, singing the most meaningful lines, audience sat in silence, many immersed in their own mislaid world of nostalgic days with Beloved Mother Sai.

The next piece was one of Annamacharya, ‘Narayana Jaya Namo Namaha’, before the concluding song, a bhajan styled in Hindustani, “Govinda Bolo Gopala Bolo…”.

Ms. Guha,  singing in her soothing, piercing voice with facile tonal variations excelled with her devotional approach over professional mode, transmuting the general mood of the evening into devotional ecstasy.

For the audience, it was a totally different experience, with the versatile singer exhibiting precision and clarity, singing with devotional fervour.

Ms. Guha was accomapnied by Sri Nishikant Barodekar on Tabla, Harish on Keyboard and Sridhar on Violin. At the end of the concert, artistes were feliciated by Senior Trust officials. Bhajans by Prasanthi and Anantapur Campuses followed for the next fifteen minutes and Mangala Arathi was offered at 1815 hrs. Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage of devotees.

19th November is Annual Ladies’ Day. An announcement to this effect was made; the programme would commence at 0830 hrs. in the morning.