SSSIHMS Anniversary & Karaikkudi Mani’s Concert – 22 Nov 2011

Marking the 20th Anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthi Gram, the role model Super Speciality Hospital, more aptly known as ‘Temple Of Healing’ instituted by Bhagawan in 1991, Team SSSIHMS presented a Video show depicting the genesis and growth of the Institution on the 22nd November evening in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The presentation was entitled ‘Praying Hearts Serving Hands’. Commenting about commercialization of medicine, the presentation spoke about the epoch making Divine announcement during the Birthday occasion in the year 1990, promising of the inauguration of a Super Speciality Hospital, completely free of cost, exactly in an year’s time.

Taking the audience to a guided tour, the presentation illustrated the rough road it had to tread before realizing the dream. As promised, the hospital was inaugurated on the 22nd November 1991, exactly in a year from the epoch making Divine announcement. The impossible was made possible by Bhagawan’s Divine Sankalpa.

The site at Prasanthi Gram that was a barren land six months before the scheduled date of opening turned to become a marvel of magnificent edifice, giving succour to millions upon millions without any discrimination, highlighted the presentation.

Testimonies from eminent personalities, including Professor Keith Critchlow from Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture in London, who was the designated architect for the mammoth project, followed.

The presentation recommended de-commercialization of medicare and act of healing that is the need of the hour to serve humanity.

The second programme for the evening was a ‘Taala Vaadya Kacheri’ by mridangam maestro Karaikkudi Mani and Troupe. Guru Karaikkudi Mani is a world renowned exponentof mridangam who has revolutionised the field of percussion with his power packed intricate mridangam beats.

Coupled with Jazz musicians from Europe and the Far East, the maestro has founded a world music band known as Shanmukhaa. Shanmukhaa is a musical presentation of compositions based on Carnatic, Hindustani, Classical based Folk melodies, Compositions with influence of the Western, thus classified as World Music with the underlying theme of Universal Peace.

With rhythm and melody joining together, bringing a harmonious blend weaving musical ecstasy, the packed Sai Kulwant Hall enjoined a twin treat, through their ears and eyes, as, along with music rhythmic body movement of the artistes captured the audience attention. The entire hall turned glued to the gigantic LED screens, enjoying a ‘twin feast’.

The hour long presentation produced 6-7 compositions, some of them originally composed with the help of western musicians. With Mani on mridangam and V Suresh on ghatam engaged in prolonged jugalbandhi, audience turned ecstatic and every composition was received with rapturous applause from the audience. The concert came to an end with one of Prasanthi’s favourite bhajans, “Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram…”

Over the years various musical forms have visited and revisited this Abode Of The Highest Lord seeking the highest benediction of singing in the ultimate Divine Presence Of Avatar in physical form, Who is verily Nadaswarupa Himself…Karaikkudi Mani joined the band of these blessed musicians on this evenng sending Prasanthi into raptures.

The mridangam maestro was accompanied by V Suresh on ghatam, VB Madusudan on tabla, BV Balasai on Bamboo and Key flutes, UP Raju on electric mandolin and BV Raghavendra Rao on electrified violin.

At the end of the one hour concert the artiste and accompanists were felicitated. Bhajans continued and prasadam was distributed to the entire assembly. Mangala Arathi was offered at 1930 hrs.