The Gift of Love…an offering by International Children

On the third day of the ongoing Christmas celebrations International Children presented a programme entitled “The Gift of Love” at Beloved Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet this evening in Prasanthi Nilayam. The programme was a collective offering from the tiny tots numbering 54, from various countries.

The programme was a mix of Choir singing  interspersed with personal reflections by children from around the world.  With Alma Badings from The Netherlands, the seasoned face leading the Children Choir for many years, conducting the Choir, the children began with a Ganesha Vandana before bursting into into singing in their squeaky yet soothing and more importantly united voice often with interludes of ‘innocent chirpings’ of experiences that lasted an hour. The songs were in English, Spanish and Zulu (South Africa) language and included some of the famous numbers,  Feliz Navidad…, We Are Fountains…, Noel…, Little Drummer Boy…, Jingle Bells etc…

The Choir was assisted by a group of musicians playing an array of instruments that included guitars, violins, tablas, African drum etc. The African drum beat that sustained in the air as a solo beat in between the choir was an added attraction that remained quite distinctive from the rest of the instruments.

Personal reflections revoved around children’s Prasanthi experiences during Christmas celebrations in the past. Ananya Goel, Kanha Kumar, Eshvan Ravishankar, Jhyani Ravishankar, Suhas Subramanya, Nikhila Sai Rao and Nilesh Sai Rao and Darnel Perera along with Saria Perera were the chosen children who burst into their tales with the Unceasing Grace of Beloved Mother Sai…

Bhagawan remained the focal point of all the narrations, Whose love and inspiration kindled the hearts and souls of these beautiful little children. It became clear from their narration that they carry Bhagawan as the ‘Big Lord’ in their little hearts with Faith unmatched.  It turned out to be a befitting Christmas Finale allowing tiny tots to pour out their hearts to Beloved Mother Sai to Whom they remain eternally grateful to.

Earlier before the commencement of the programme the Conductor, representatives of Children and senior officials paid offerings at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet, praying at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

At the end of the programme all the participating children were felicitated with special gifts. Special “Gift of Love” Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage and Mangala Arathi was offered after twenty minutes of bhajans, at 1825 hrs.

Commenting at the end of the session Prof. Anil Kumar heaped lavish praise on the International Children for their wonderful performance. He even called out the eight children, presenting them to the aseembly, who reflected their Christmas Experience in the evening.

A group of devotees have come from the state of Odisha on a Parthi Yatra and next two days would be presenting cultural programme at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Styled to the famous Puri Jagannath Chariot Festival, devotees from the state would take out Lord Krishna, Balarama and sister Subadra in a chariot procession tomorrow morning, commencing at 0930 hrs. from the birth place of Bhagawan, the Shiva Temple in Puttaparthi.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II