I Firmly Believe…

It’s New Year 2012. For everyone who wants to start the New Year with Beloved Mother Sai, here is a prayer to beseech Him, penned by none other than Him alone, our Beloved Mother Sai. Imagine our Beloved Mother Sai preparing a greeting card especially for you wishing you Happy New Year…and penning a prayer inside the card with endearing words, “My dear one! Begin the New Year with the above Prayer.” And our vision does not end there, He inundates you with more love and blessings with the magic message: “Endowed with long life and sound health, surrounded by children, grandchildren and friends, keep on imbibing joy through devotion and wisdom. I bless that your days be spent in the service of Sarveshwara, the Lord of All. Spend your life in abundant peace and happiness.” Our Beloved Bhagawan did exactly the same with Prof. Kasturi. It was five decades ago, way back in 1960, that Bhagawan greeted His chosen devotees in His own inimitable style. The story does not end there.

The Lord did not just hand over this poem to Prof. Kasturi when he came for His blessings on the dawn of the New Year day; on the contrary, the Greeting Card came gleefully to Prof. Kasturi searching for him. The Sweet Lord had sent the card through someone to be dropped in Bukkapatnam, five miles away the previous day, though the addressee was living five metres away! Recalling that momentous morning, Prof. Kasturi writes, “When the Blessing was delivered by the postman along with other mail, the surprise, the thrill, the gratitude and the yearning to express it direct to Him, rendered me incapable of speech or movement.”


I firmly believe there is none kinder than You,
to shower Grace on me.
Tell me, is this not the reason why
I am at Your Lotus Feet?

I firmly believe You will respond quick
When I do pray and plead.
Tell me, is this not the reason why
I am crying aloud for You?

I firmly believe You are ever beside me
To guide my steps aright.
Tell me, is this not the reason why
I am Yours thro’ day and night?

I firmly believe You can never say ‘No’
Whatever I ask from You.
Tell me, is this not the reason why
I long for a glance from You?

What have You designed for me this time?
Why this dire delay to offer boons?
However long You make me wait and wail
I will not leave. I will be standing still
Until Your loving eyes do turn to me.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II