Faith – An Orange Hue In Every Drop Of Dew…

What does Faith mean to you? “…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you” says the Holy Bible quoting Jesus Christ. With Beloved Mother Sai with us as Cosmic Delight, faith could be something different per person, reposing in Him and Him alone, seeing the orange hue in every drop of dew, in everything around, that He is our Eternal Witness…a poem from the pen of Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.

Faith – what does it mean to you…?
Faith – how do you this term view…?
Perhaps it means -
This too shall pass,
Nothing is an impasse,
There is enough in you to surpass,
You have nothing to do,
With that tragic word – ‘Alas’…

That glistening drop of dew,
Is that what Faith means to You?
Is it that ray of Hope,
Knowing every moment,
Has immense scope,
Whatever it may be,
You can cope?
Determination can alter a horoscope,
Like changing patterns in a kaleidoscope,
In the dark,
You needn’t grope,
In your own hands,
Of victory,
You hold that silken rope,
With you,
Success is waiting to elope,
Hope means Faith,
Faith means Hope…

Or does Faith mean,
Thrown open is that window,
When jammed shut is the door?
A positive mental décor,
Immense are the opportunities,
Life has in store,
Is it that pot of gold,
At the end of a rainbow?
Is faith that special sunbeam,
That parts dark clouds,
To reach you somehow?
Or that unshaken belief in,
The Power of the Now?
Or is it that firm conviction,
That you can face,
Anything while being ensconced,
In the Beloved One’s presence,
And perennial grace…?
So, then is Faith,
Linked with Patience?
That which happens to the caterpillar,
As it transforms,
Into a butterfly?
Or that skinny little pup,
That survives in the busy street,
Against all odds,
Amidst heavy vehicles swishing by,
Even as you grit your teeth,
And sigh?
Or is it that gratifying Oasis,
In the Desert ever so barren and dry?
Or against a gusty wind,
Watching a bird spread its wings,
And fly?
Or simply looking up,
At a cloudless expanse,
Of a wide blue sky?
Or lamps of worship bobbing,
Up and down a river at night?
Or a flower that blossoms,
At the touch of sunlight?

Or is Faith,
A deep understanding,
A trust,
In the tryst,
With Destiny?
A profound awareness,
That a simple seed,
Holds within it,
A shade giving tree,
Is it courage,
Overcoming and becoming,
Knowing and doing,
Setting yourself free?
Achieving, excelling,
As do those,
In spite of many a handicap,
Scaling the steepest mountain,
Drawing their own map,
As an opening,
Viewing a trap,
A feeling of wonder,
And awe,
A shimmer of light,
Sails in through the gap,
Making you stand up,
And clap…

Or is Faith,
A reliance on Divine Love,
Undaunted, Unflinching,
Steadfast, Unswerving,
Resolute and True,
Is that what Faith means to You?
A feeling that overwhelms,
When the Beloved One’s,
Form comes into view,
Forever with you,
No particular venue,
Memories that flow,
Encouraging, Inspiring,
Stirring, Stimulating,
A delightful revue,
A feeling firm,
A Presence that reconfirms,
Assuring eyes,
That reassure and renew,
Is Faith a Surrender?
‘A Que Sera Sera,
Whatever will be,
Will be,
I know for sure,
Beloved Mother Sai,
Is watching over me…’

The Beloved One will grant you,
What is your due,
Nothing can take that away,
That’s true,
And what is not meant for you,
Will never with you stay,
So is Faith,
Beyond denials and delay,
A certainty,
If life is one long day,
Sunset is as yet,
Far away…?
An Acceptance,
Of the Chiseling Process,
An Insight with which,
Beloved Mother Sai did you bless…?

Is it seeing an orange hue,
In every drop of dew?
Is Faith birthing itself,
In all that you do?
Myriad options nurturing anew,
Is this what Faith means to you…?

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II