The Sai Legacy…

The One Who is unattached, Who is verily the Cosmic Creator, He was Swami for them, His students, whom He fondly called ‘His Properties’. How do they view Him, How do they feel for Him?…Let’s listen to a little heart’s beats, as he rhymes His feelings out, calling His students His Legacy…echoing the Swami within…Read on a poem from Rahul Sharma of 12th Division of Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, Prasanthi Nilayam.


My dear children, you I haven’t forsaken

only Me you have badly mistaken.

Why do you think that from you I did part?

Just sit silently and listen to My voice residing in your heart.


Do you think I could leave you all alone

You, whom I have called My property, My very own.

Me I know you can no longer physically see

But in your heart I always Was, Am and Will be.


Though I know the times are very dark

But My words you better mark

There shall dawn a new era with brighter days & nites

When the will of God shall triumph over man’s greed and might.


And you are the part of this Divine plan

Which is beyond the scope of any man.

My departure is but mere act of the Cosmic play

I haven’t forsaken you; I am still there to show you the way.


You asked Me is my life of any worth

You have been touched by Me, what greater joy can you get

Open your heart’s closed door on this earth.

And realise that we are not two any more.


From Me you have inherited My very name

I have started and you shall continue the game

In this game of life I left you behind a thing you can feel, hear & see

I have left you behind, you are My Legacy The Sai Legacy.


II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II