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Vishu – Kerala New Year Today…

Today is Vishu -  Kerala New Year. In the state that is popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’, the start of the Zodiac New Year, when the Sun enters into Ashwini star, is celebrated as Vishu. The day is celebrated with great pomp and joy and  it is believed that the first sight of the morning is an indication of the prospect for the whole of the new year and hence the significance read more »

Tamil New Year Celebrations

It was a very special Tamil New Year in Prasanthi Nilayam. Hearing and speech impaired children from Vela School, Villipurum captured all hearts  with a scintillating dance performance in the Divine Presence entitled, “Dikku Leni Vaariki Devude Gathi!“. The school is adopted by Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Tamil Nadu.

The celebrations began early in the morning with auspicious music on the Nadaswaram. At 0800hrs, the Sundaram Bhajan group performed Veda Chanting and Bhajans in the Sai Kulwant Hall even as delicious sweets were distributed to the assembly. In the evening Professor Anil Kumar introduced the programme in English and Telugu after which the state president of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Tamil Nadu, Sri N. Ramani addressed the gathering in Tamil. read more »

Special Children Steal Hearts

It was a very special Tamil New Year in Prasanthi Nilayam. Hearing and Speech Impaired Children from Vela School, Villipurum captured all hearts in Prasanthi Nilayam with a scintillating dance performance in the Divine Presence entitled, “Dikku Leni Vaariki Devude Gathi!“. The school is adopted by Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai read more »

Tamil New Year Tomorrow

“Hari Hari Hari Hari Smarana Karo”, resounded Bhagawan’s voice at the conclusion of today’s special Thursday Bhajan. Devotees from Tamil Nadu who have come in large numbers commenced the auspiciousness of the new year with Nadaswaram immediately after the Arati. read more »

Beloved Bhagawan…So Incomprehensibly Vast Are You!

In a world so incomprehensibly vast,  God – The Creator  has  not made any distinctions when it comes to “Love n’ Serve”. As is the Biblical saying, All Are One…Be Alike To Everyone, Bhagawan taught humanity to “Love All and Serve All…Help Ever and Hurt Never”. Are we diligent  in following what He has preached, what He has practised and what He has allowed us to imbibe? Let’s pause for a while and listen to a narration from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri, of a big heart that practises Tender Loving Care in serving the co-existing world of humans and who, most incessantly asks for Cosmic Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of our Beloved Bhagawan. Let’s gear up for a Cosmic Embrace… read more »

This Is the Time For Penance…

Good Friday symbolises the Calvary episode of Crucifixion of the Son Of God, around 2000 years ago…with His self-sacrifice, if Lord Jesus had taken away the collective sins of humanity, redeeming mankind, what did the Avatar Of the Age do on an Easter Sunday, the day known for the resurrection of the Son Of God around 2000 years ago, when He chose to move on from the physical plane? This is the time, starting from this Good Friday, for humanity to sit back, mull over and intensely recall every error, and go through the book of one’s life cover to cover to readjust, edit, transform, modify…to do ‘it’, the penance, for Beloved Mother Sai…writes Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri. read more »

The Vibhuti Box…

When one’s heart is filled with devotion, when every cell of one’s being is pulsating with faith in Him, when He becomes our very breath, to earn Him, to secure His grace one will  do anything, forgetting all handicaps, forgetting the surroundings. The White Ash or Vibhuti is the Divine Panacea for devotees of Bhagawan. Innumerable stories have been heard about the miraculous touch of this Elixir Divine. How would you feel about this priceless possession if it was received directly from the Divine Hands? You are sure to go an ‘extra-mile to safely ‘safeguard’ this priceless possession. Here is a most pulsating account from Ms. Nanda Kishori Saxena of Kanpur depicting “how priceless this Divine Panacea” could be and how many “extra mile” one could go, forgetting the world around pursuing this Elixir Divine…extracted from Sai Spiritual Showers archivals.

read more »

National Retreat at Whitefield…

A National Retreat for all National & State office bearers of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, India was conducted at Brindavan in Whitefield, Bangalore on March 31st and April1st 2012. read more »

Musical Offering by Music College…

Indian Classical Music’s two prominent versions, Carnatic and Hindustani, a couple of instrumentals and a ghazal marked this evening’s musical offering by the students and staff from Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami. Richly talented, read more »

Sri Rama Navami…

One Who delights is Ram and every individual should become Ram, echoed Bhagawan’s voice as an audio of an erstwhile Divine Discourse was played celebrating auspicious Sri Rama Navami this morning in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »