Vishu – Kerala New Year Today…

Today is Vishu -  Kerala New Year. In the state that is popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’, the start of the Zodiac New Year, when the Sun enters into Ashwini star, is celebrated as Vishu. The day is celebrated with great pomp and joy and  it is believed that the first sight of the morning is an indication of the prospect for the whole of the new year and hence the significance of auspicious sight or Vishukkani… Over the years, devotees from the state had the unparalleled celestial boon of celebrating the New Year in the holy precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam, with Bhagawan amidst them, granting mighty the heavenly ‘auspicious sight’, Divine Darshan!

Hundreds of devotees from the state have turned up this year also and in the auspicious morning the Mandir precincts wore typical Kerala decorations. Celebrating the occasion there will be a special session in the evening that commences at 1700 hrs., after half-an-hour Veda chanting, with a speech by Sri KR Jyothilal, IAS, which will be followed by a Musical offering by famous Carnatic Vocalist Dr. Sirkazhi G. Sivachidambaram.

Live Video WebCast of the proceedings begins at 1700 hrs. and will be available at Radio Sai website.

II Samasta Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavantu II